Murray Chass hearts Dan Shaughnessy

I assumed blogger Murray Chass’ opinion on the addition of another wild card team in baseball would be predictable, reactionary, illogical, and hilarious. Sure enough, I was not disappointed. Though I must say, if MLB and MLBPA really are leaning towards a one-game playoff between the two wild card teams, I’m pleasantly surprised by that (though I don’t trust Murray’s reporting any further than I can throw the computer I read his blog on). I did not, however, have any idea I was going to be blessed with this gem:

Which reminds me that in last Monday’s Boston Globe, Dan Shaughnessy had a terrific column about Carlos Slim, the world’s wealthiest man and a great and knowledgeable baseball fan, who was at Fenway Park for the series finale between the Red Sox and the Yankees. That same day The New York Times’ baseball column was about WAR.

So, the New York Times was running a column actually related to baseball while Murray was enjoying a column by the worst sports writer in America about a rich guy who likes baseball. No wonder the Times kicked Murray out of the building and into the blogosphere.

Even better, that paragraph comes at the end of a bizarre screed in which blogger Chass seems oddly amused that all the young whipper-snappers with their adding machines are going to have to support Justin Verlander (or Jered Weaver or C.C. Sabathia, I suppose) for the Cy Young award and won’t get to vote for someone with a 13-12 win-loss record like Felix Hernandez in 2010 which…makes no sense. But then, we don’t read the blogger in question for the insightful thoughts about baseball, do we? I was a little perplexed by the comments about WAR, however. Murray seems to be under the impression that that was the basis for Felix’s win, but Verlander actually (slightly) led the A.L. in fWAR in 2010, as Verlander’s ERA, since King Felix led the American League in ERA last year, and Murray roundly dismissed that in his blind subservience to pitcher wins as the only number that meant anything.

If they ever create an Internet Trolls Hall of Fame, Murray will be in the inaugural class all by himself, and “small Hall” advocates will spend the rest of eternity arguing against inducting anyone else for their failure to match of to the high standards the blogger set in his blogging career. Continue reading Murray Chass hearts Dan Shaughnessy

Brien Is Right, Murray Chass IS a Hack

Yesterday my colleague Brien wrote a piece about how Murray Chass is a hack. Brien writes lots of these pieces. There’s something about Murray Chass – the ex-NY Times sportswriter and current internet blogger pundit – that really bugs Brien. Privately, we make fun of Brien about this. When Chass writes a blog column, 50 of Brien’s closest friends tweet Brien about it. Brien usually responds by cursing those of us who conspired to ruin his day by bringing the Chass piece to his attention. He then vows not to write about the Chass piece. Then he does. Then he swears never to do it again.

The thing is, Brien is right. Chass really IS a hack.

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No, really, Murray Chass is a hack

Blogger Murray Chass is back this week with another one of those blog posts internet columns where he trades on the list of former dignitaries of the game who still take his calls to smear someone else. In some ways this isn’t as bad as his smearing of Stan Musial or Mike Piazza, because collusion really did happen and Ueberroth was almost certainly involved in it, but on the other hand no less a Chass-skeptic than Tangotiger himself has fallen for Chass’ schtick:

Take away Chass’s name, and it’s great inside stuff. Include Chass’s name, and we’re going to get a biased viewpoint from some readers.

Ok, I appreciate the implicit point about not assuming anything, so let’s take blogger Chass’ name out of this, and break apart the blog post on its own terms.

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Blogger Murray Chass Smears Stan Musial

Yesterday our good pal and fellow blogger (though not affiliated with ESPN or any other respectable outlet, so therefore technically beneath us if I understand how this works) Murray Chass took to his blog to publish his latest internet column. Blogger Chass is not very happy that Stan Musial received the Presidential Medal of Freedom you see, because Musial was a racist. Why, he wouldn’t even serve his own teammate, Curt Flood, at his restaurant in 1963. Can you believe that?

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The Dishonest Murray Chass: Part 3 in a Series

(This is the third part of a series de-constructing what might as well be blogger Murray Chass’ manifesto. For more, see parts one and two.)

Murray Chass gets called a lot of things these days. Stupid, out-dated, a curmudgeon, crusty, etc. One thing he rarely gets called, however, is a bad writer. After all, the guy has been a successful professional writer for some time, and you simply don’t manage to do that without being good at the craft. But because it’s true that Murray is not a bad writer, it’s also true that Murray has become something even worse; a dishonest hack.

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The Definitive Murray Chass: Part 2

Blogger Murray Chass really outdid himself in his last blog post internet column, a long, rambling harangue against modern baseball ranging from the way young pitchers are developed to a wide variety of grievances against the statistical analysis community. It’s 100% distilled “Get Off My Lawn-ism” as only Chass can deliver, and today I’ll focus on the blogger’s gripes with the “quality start” statistic. Here’s Murray: Continue reading The Definitive Murray Chass: Part 2

The Definitive Murray Chass: Part 1

Blogger Murray Chass is at it again, with an all encompassing piece of nonsense pining for a return of baseball to the 1970’s in all forms. These young-uns, you see, they don’t appreciate baseball players. Or winning baseball games. Or pitchers throwing a lot of innings. They probably hate America and apple pie to, the daggone hippies!

I’ve said before that I’m pretty sure Chass is just doing a bit of performance art, tailoring his blog to the anti-saber segment of baseball fans, and trolling saberists for traffic and attention. I stand by that, and I also stand by my vow to ignore him 99.9% of the time, but this column is such a concentration of everything that makes Chass absurd and, yes, un-serious that I have to give it my attention. In fact, it’s so extensive in gibberish and contrived “old school” pining, in order to really give it the attention, I’m actually going to devote multiple posts to it.

First, let’s look at Murray’s feelings on new methods of developing pitchers by limiting their workloads when they’re young:

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An Anti-Stat Argument Murray Chass Would Be Embarrased Of

Some time ago I decided to make an effort at avoiding most of the anti-sabermetric sentiment out there. Not to ignore it completely, per se. I genuinely like discussing the matter with open-minded skeptics, but there are some people who are just hopeless lost causes who either don’t want an honest discussion at all or enjoy being rebellious clingers to the old-school orthodox. That’s their prerogative, I’m just not all that interested in getting worked up every time I come across someone like this.

But sometimes there’s an anti-stat column or blog post that’s just so bad, so full of nonsense and non-sequitor, that the fundamental weakness of its argument, or lack thereof, more or less proves the point all on its own. And this bit of anti-saber hand wringing from Ty Duffy of The Big Lead is almost surely a first ballot entry into the Bad Anti-Stat Columns Hall of Fame. You know where this is going.

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