Hey Look, Mike Lupica Wrote Something Stupid

There is this general theory, the company line in a company town, that the Yankees are fine even though they might not finish first this time in the American League East.

The specifics of the theory? They go something like this: The Yankees can just go ahead and set up their bullpen and wait to get completely healthy again, because they are going to make the playoffs one way or another. Once they get into the tournament – healthy, bullpen set up – they don’t need home field against the Rangers or the Twins or the Rays to get back to the World Series and win the World Series that they expect to win at these prices.


Yes, really.

The history on this goes all the way back to the last year before Joe Torre became the manager, when Buck Showalter (and who thought the Yankees would be playing meaningful and treacherous games against him and the Orioles in September?) was still the manager.

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Hey Will: Mike Lupica called, and he wants his overwhelming negativity back

Here we are, a month away from the start of the playoffs, and already the “the Yankees aren’t going anywhere in the postseason” articles are coming in. The latest entrant in...

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Mike Lupica Writes Something Silly

In an other wise relatively harmless article that was in yesterday’s Daily News, Mike Lupica said something that really got under my skin:

Cano covers No. 3 and No. 4 in the order, he covers no-show Nick Johnson and Curtis Granderson and Brian Cashman letting Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui just walk out the door.


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Mike Lupica Just Can’t Let Go

Just a few days ago, January 29th, our own Moshe Mandel pulled a Fire Joe Morgan on Mike Lupica due to Lupica’s hypocrisy regarding the Yankees and their spending. Well, Lupica threw out another silly piece on Sunday the 31st. The title? “New York Yankees and…Johnny Damon still have time to make a deal.”...

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Lupica: Criticism but no solution

Look, Andy isn’t 100%. His body is tired and his shoulder probably hurts like heck. He admittedly had “zero” in his last game, but he battled through. I expect nothing less in Game 6. I don’t expect a shutout or 10 K’s. I can see 3-4 runs over 5-6 innings. Will that be enough to topple Pedro and the Phillies? Who knows? But I do know –no, I believe– that Pettitte is the only option here, for better or worse.

About Pettitte after Game 3:

Pettitte won more respect from teammates for hanging tough in a game where he not only didn’t have his best stuff but by his own private accounts to longtime friends actually had zero. Zip. Nada.

Three Yankees teammates recounted how Pettitte told the team he took “nothing” (his word of choice) out to the mound for Game 3. But even beyond his self assessment, the plan for short rest for the Yankees’ three vaunted starting pitchers was always seen as by far the most worrisome in the case of Pettitte, who at 37 is five years Burnett’s senior.

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 10/3/14

Caught my first cold of the year on Wednesday.  That’s way early for me.  Definitely not a good sign.  Whatever.  Gives me an easy excuse to spend all weekend on the couch watching football.  Now onto the links!

– On Monday, SJK of NoMaas wondered if there was something impairing Cash’s judgment when it came to Beltran and Teixeira.

– On Wednesday, Derek Albin of Pinstripe Pundits compared Dellin Betances’ 2014 season to Mo’s 1996 to see who had the better year.

– El duque of It Is High… revealed his 11-point plan for next season.

– Mike Axisa of RAB began the always-fun process of looking at next year’s payroll.  I don’t care what the final number is next year.  I just want a greater return on investment.

– On Thursday, Bryan Brunati of Pinstripe Alley mused on which big contract player the Yankees could trade before his deal is up.

– On Friday, Chad Jennings of LoHud previewed the upcoming 40-man roster flexibility the Yankees can create heading into the offseason.…

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On A-Rod, baseball writers and hyperbole

This isn’t going to be a long, exhaustive post but I felt like something needed to be written in light of the latest gaffe by a well-respected baseball writer while discussing a highly volatile subject: Alex Rodriguez.

If you recall, during the summer, when A-Rod was working his way back from hip surgery and the news came out that MLB was going to suspend him for an unprecedented 211 games, Bill Madden of the New York Daily News compared Rodriguez to Whitey Bulger. Bulger is a mobster and a murderer who killed over 10 people. Rodriguez is a baseball player and he took PEDs. Obviously, this comparison was extremely silly to make and it was panned at the time by most people with a functioning brain stem.

Fast forward to earlier today, when well-respected baseball writer Peter Gammons was appearing on ESPN 98.7 FM here in New York and he inexplicably decided to compare A-Rod to the Boston Marathon bombers.…

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