The Yankees Win The Jesus Montero Trade Again

From MLB Trade Rumors:

The Mariners announce that they have designated pitcher Hector Noesi for assignment. The move clears space to add reliever Dominic Leone to the 25-man roster. The Mariners used six pitchers, including Noesi, to get through six innings of relief in a 12-inning game yesterday. (Noesi took the loss, giving up a walk-off home run to Coco Crisp.) Leone provides the Mariners with an extra arm in their bullpen.


Noesi, 27, has a 5.64 career ERA with 6.4 K/9 and 3.4 BB/9 in 191 1/3 innings, some of them as a starter. He pitched just 27 1/3 innings with the Mariners in 2013, spending much of the season in the minors. The Mariners acquired him from the Yankees in the Jesus Montero / Michael Pineda trade in early 2012.

Maybe the Yankees can get Noesi back for Eduardo Nunez?…

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So The Yankees Basically Won The Pineda-Montero Trade Yesterday, Right?

Pineda vs BOS ST

The title of this post was a topic that came up on our daily email thread yesterday, mostly jokingly if I interpreted the email correctly.  The now infamous Michael Pineda-Jesus Montero trade of 2012 has been an easy source of comedy in the baseball world with how poorly the deal has turned out for both sides thus far, but the more I thought about it last night, the more I think the joke is actually true.  Even if he wakes up today, has his right arm fall completely off of his body, and never throws another pitch for the Yankees again, Pineda’s start yesterday guaranteed a W for the Yankees on that deal.

It’s a simple matter of hope.  Pineda’s strong outing yesterday, against an admittedly C-level Red Sox lineup, inspired more hope that he can come back and be an effective Major League starting pitcher, maybe even better than he was in 2011.  Back then Pineda was mostly a thrower, 90% fastballs and sliders, and he got by on the strength of his 4-seamer velocity and sharp slider break.  …

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Quick Hit: Mariners send Montero down to AAA

Just in case you hadn’t heard the news, the Seattle Mariners will be sending Jesus Montero down to their triple-A affiliate in Tacoma.

The Mariners have just finished up a 2-7 road trip – their two wins came here against the Yankees, of course – and along with sending Montero down, they’re recalling catcher Jesus Sucre to replace him. Yes, there are two Jesuses and they’re both catchers.

Or are they?

It seems the Mariners may be finally realizing that they would be better served with Montero at either DH or even first base because he’s just not cutting it at catcher. Hey, the Yankees could have told them that!

So this is an interesting development. With Michael Pineda on his way back from shoulder surgery and eyeing a June return – barring any setbacks, naturally – and Montero back in the Minors for the Mariners, I wonder who will make it back to the big leagues first.

I also wonder if we will finally know after all this time, who actually won that damn trade?…

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Sunday Links: Cano $, Liriano, Joba, Montero, IPK

You'd be smiling, too

-You might have missed it since the trade came down late last night, but Francisco Liriano was traded in division to the Chicago White Sox. According to BPs Kevin Goldstien, the two players the Twins received in return are an...

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Despite Pineda injury, Yanks haven’t missed Montero

opposite field vs Jim Johnson

Its become conventional wisdom to say that the Montero-Pineda swap from last January has been complete disaster for the Yanks. Brian Cashman himself wouldn’t argue the point, calling all second guessing of the deal fair game in a recent...

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Looking at the Pineda/Montero Deal In Light of Trend Toward Long-Term Extensions

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Because of Michael Pineda’s shoulder tendinitis, not to mention the corresponding decline in velocity that was either a manifestation or cause of the injury, two questions have become popular: have the Mariners already won the trade and, if allowed to...

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Nightly Links: Kuroda, Cust, Montero

  • Hiroki Kuroda was strong yet again in today’s 7.0 innings of work, giving up 6 hits,  2 runs, and 6 strikeouts. Cory Wade struggled again and George Kontos went 2.0 innings, earning 3 strikeouts, but blew the save by giving up 1 hit, a 2 run homerun off the...
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