Game 105: Owens vs. TANAK

Welcome to tonight’s game thread!


Holt 2B
Bogaerts SS
Ortiz DH
Ramirez LF
Sandoval 3B
Napoli 1B
De Aza RF
Swihart C
Bradley Jr. CF

Ellsbury CF
Young LF
Rodriguez DH
Teixeira 1B
McCann C
Beltran RF
Headley 3B
Gregorius SS
Ryan 2B

Enjoy the game!

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Quick hit: How the Yankees have fared against the Red Sox so far

The rivalry is back! (Just kidding)

it’s August 4 and the Yankees, up to this point in the season, have only played nine games against the Red Sox so far this season. In those nine games, the Yankees are 6-3, the offense has outscored Boston’s offense 54-39 and the offense is batting .272/.329/.456/.785.

export (59)

Yankees’ pitching has thrown 90 innings against the Red Sox so far in 2015 and have an 3.44 ERA, have given up seven home runs and have struck out 68 batters to 38 walks.

export (60)

As for tonight’s matchup, the Yankees are facing lefty Henry Owens who is making his debut. He is their organization’s #5 prospect. Masahiro Tanaka is making his 15th start of the season.

Courtesy of Baseball Savant – Here are TANAK’s numbers this season against the current Red Sox lineup:

  • Batting Avg: 0.260 [13 / 50]
  • BABIP: 0.273
  • FIP: 6.807
  • K%: 22.81
  • BB%: 11.00
  • 13 Strikeouts, 12 Groundouts, 6 Walks, 5 Singles, 4 Flyouts, 4 Lineouts, 4 Doubles, 4 Home Runs, 2 Pop Outs, 1 Bunts Groundouts, 1 Sac Fly, 1 Grounded Into DP

So what will happen tonight?…

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How Legitimate Is Mark Teixeira’s MVP Candidacy?

Teix HR vs BAL

Courtesy of Getty Images

Mark Teixeira didn’t hit a home run last night.  That’s mainly because the Yankees didn’t play, but with as hot as he’s been lately I kind of expected him to still hit at least one out last night.  Teix has literally been on fire lately, hitting .378/.472/.889 with 5 doubles, 6 home runs, 10 runs, 11 RBI, and a 13.2% BB rate over the last 2 weeks.  He had back-to-back 2-homer games last Thursday and Friday, he even mixed a stolen base in for S’s and G’s, and he’s continued to play solid defense at first base to help save his occasionally wild-throwing infield.

This hot streak has been an extension of what has already been a tremendous comeback season for Teix.  After missing almost all of the 2013 season and playing most of last year as a watered down version of himself, the whispers that Teix was done heading into his age 35 season got louder.  …

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Quick Hit: The Return Of Nova’s Sinker, For One Day At Least

Just wanted to touch on an observation I had during yesterday’s game.  I don’t know how much we can take from one start, but it’s worth noting that Ivan Nova‘s sinker looked really good yesterday.  He’s struggled to command the pitch since coming back, and that lack of command has contributed to his hittability and low strikeout/swing-and-miss rates.  Not yesterday.  Here’s where Nova’s 43 sinkers were located:

Nova Sinker Plot 8-2-15

Of those 43 sinkers, Nova threw 26 of them for strikes.  He drew swings on 20 of them and swings and misses on 5.  3 of those 5 whiffs came on strikeouts, which might be the best part about Nova’s outing yesterday.  He struck out 7 batters overall, 6 of them swinging, and got the 6 swinging Ks on 3 sinkers and 3 curveballs.  That’s the type of stuff we’re used to seeing from Nova when he’s on his game.

Compare yesterday’s results to the 202 sinkers Nova threw over his first 6 starts:

Nova Sinker Plot 6-7-15

The overall location distribution looks very similar, and it is.  …

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The Rise of Sir Didi Gregorius

Courtesy: Getty Images

Didi Gregorius has been one of the best stories for the Yankees in a season where you have so many good ones to choose from. Gregorius looked like he wasn’t long for New York and that the pressure from the many angry fans were going to run him out of the Bronx.

Many fans didn’t seem willing to give him much of a break despite the fact that the pressure of replacing Derek Jeter would be hard for even the most mentally tough players. It certainly didn’t help that Shane Greene, whom Gregorius was traded for, was lighting the world on fire in Detroit. At the same time Gregorius just did not look like a MLB caliber player. He hit .206/.261/.238/.449 with an 36 wRC+ and his much hyped defensive ability wasn’t there either. His many mental lapses both in the field and on the base paths were hard to watch. However, baseball is such a crazy game, and Gregorius kept battling and improving just a little bit every month until finally it all clicked this past July.…

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The Farm Report: July

With the passing of the trade deadline comes August, so it is time to look at how the Yankees’ farm teams fared last month. Due to some time constraints on my end, I’ll be touching on Scranton and Trenton today, with Tampa and Charleston to follow. Enjoy!

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders:
The RailRiders continued their strong season in July, going 17-12 and giving them a solid 61-49 record for the year so far. They remain at the top of their division, leading Rochester by four games. Scranton’s roster has seen a lot of action, with players like Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez being called up and other players like Luis Severino getting called up to the Bronx.

They have strength on both sides of the field, however, Scranton’s batting line of .270/.340/.386 tells you why they are in first. They have the best team average and on base percentage in the International League. They have drawn 380 walks (third most) and have limited their strikeouts to 784, which is lower than average.…

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Some feelings on and some facts about the 10-game road trip

[Editor’s note: I wrote this piece last night before I went to bed. It may seem redundant after reading Brad’s post about the road trip, so I apologize about that because it seems that great minds think alike. Happy Monday! -SG]

I’m doing something a little different today, so bear with me.

My feelings on the road trip:

I am very happy right now.

When the road trip began, I said that I would be satisfied with six wins. My reasoning was that the Yankees had been having issues on the road this season, and that you never know how a 10-gamer can affect a team. Particularly when you’re playing four of those 10 in the heat of Texas. And guess what? They could have gone 7-3 if not for that walk-off loss in Texas. They should have won that one and let it get away, but everything else? Good stuff.

One of my favorite games from the road trip was the comeback win in Minnesota on the Sunday of the first weekend.…

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Monday Morning Food For Thought: The Road Warriors

On the morning of July 24th, the Yankees were 5.5 games up in the division and heading out on a 10-game road trip.  At the time they were a sub-.500 road team and their inability to score runs away from the short porch of Yankee Stadium was starting to become more of a concern.  10 games against pseudo-Wild Card contenders the Twins, Rangers, and White Sox would be a good test for the offense and the team as a whole.  If they were going to make the playoffs and make any kind of noise in the playoffs, the Yankees had to start figuring out how to score and win on the road.

10 days later and I’d say they passed the test with flying colors.  The Yankees went 6-4 on the trip, securing that winning record with a big victory yesterday afternoon in Chicago.  Not only did they find a way to score more runs outside of Yankee Stadium, they found a way to score a ton of runs.  …

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