Spring Training Game 1 Recap: NYY 5 PHI 5

Adam Warren

Courtesy of the AP

The Yankees opened their Spring Training 2015 game schedule this afternoon, giving us our first look at live Yankee baseball in over 5 months.  Obviously expectations were low given the situation, but there was a little extra excitement on the Yankee side thanks to the high number of top current and former organizational prospects playing in today’s game.  A couple of those top prospects had big moments in the game too, so that was pretty sweet from a fan perspective.

It’s still very early, the players are still more focused on getting in game shape than actually performing, and so I think it’s only fair that those same rules apply to ST game recaps.  I’m just trying to get back in the right game recap timing again, you know?  Still getting the feel for my game recap stuff back.  To make sure I don’t over-exert and strain anything, I’m gonna cover the rest of this bad boy in bullet points.…

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Open Thread: There’s a game happening but you can’t watch it yet

Pro: Baseball will be played today.
Con: You won’t be able to watch it live on TV without the MLB.tv which if you have it, good for you. I currently can’t afford it.

But just in case you want to discuss what’s happening in Clearwater this afternoon, feel free to use this thread. I’ll be keeping track via tweets from the beat writers. How exciting.

Here’s the lineup:
Jacoby Ellsbury CF
Brett Gardner LF
Chris Young RF
Garrett Jones 1B
Jose Pirela 2B
Austin Romine C
Kyle Roller DH
Jonathan Galvez 3B
Nick Noonan SS

Adam Warren SP

The game will be shown on MLB Network tonight at 9 p.m.

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The numbers behind Adam Warren’s transformation

How did he become a key part of the Yankee pitching staff in 2014?

How did he become a key part of the Yankee pitching staff in 2014?

To put it mildly, Adam Warren‘s first outing in a Yankee uniform did not go well. In June 2012, Warren was summoned from Triple-A to make an emergency start against the White Sox in the wake of injuries to both Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia. The 2009 fourth-round pick couldn’t make it out of the third inning, allowing eight hits – including two home runs – and six runs in a 14-7 loss.

Nearly three years removed from that disastrous debut, Warren has established himself as one of the team’s most valuable middle relievers, and this spring has been given a chance to compete for a potential spot at the back of the rotation (and, at worst, will be the third-best arm in a deep bullpen).

Warren improved his performance dramatically across the board over the last two seasons, reducing his walks and homers allowed while increasing his strikeout rate to nearly one per inning.…

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Quick Hit: Today’s ST Opener Starting Lineup

Man it feels good to write a title like that again!  The Yanks open their 2015 Spring Training game schedule this afternoon against the Philadelphia Phillies, who are fresh off getting beat by a college team.  If only the Daily News could find a way to work a joke about that into a joke about A-Rod on their back page.  That would be hilarious!

Anyway, here’s the starting lineup for today’s game:

1) Jacoby Ellsbury- CF
2) Brett Gardner- LF
3) Chris Young- RF
4) Garrett Jones- 1B
5) Jose Pirela- 2B
6) Austin Romine- C
7) Kyle Roller- DH
8) Jonathan Galvez- 3B
9) Nick Noonan- SS

SP) Adam Warren

There will also be a slew of top prospects playing off the bench and out of the ‘pen today, so that should be fun.  Yankee baseball, baby!  It’s back in a few short hours.

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Report: Luis Torrens Could Miss 2015 Season With A Shoulder Injury

I was going to wait until the severity of the injury was confirmed to write this, but after sleeping on it I realized I don’t expect the news to be good today anyway so why bother waiting on it?  If the news was better, the Yankees probably wouldn’t be waiting to make a formal announcement.

The bad news, via Chad Jennings, is that A-ball catching prospect Luis Torrens has suffered another injury to his right shoulder.  The Yankees are in the “still gathering info” stage of dealing with the injury, so there’s a chance it isn’t season-ending, but there were plenty of rumors out there yesterday saying it was.  That Billy Eppler is involved already and was the one talking to Jennings suggests that it’s pretty serious.

Torrens missed a few months this past season after suffering a shoulder strain very early in the Low-A season.  When he returned from the DL he was sent to SS Staten Island, where he hit .270/.327/.405 in 202 PA and continued to impress everybody with his natural hitting skills and how quickly he took to full-time catching.  …

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Gird your loins, everyone

Tomorrow, the Yankees are opening Spring Training in Clearwater against the Phillies and Alex Rodriguez won’t be making that trip. I guess the Yankees would rather him be booed at home during his first Spring Training at-bat! (Of note, the Clearwater game will be shown on MLB Network extremely tape delayed at 9 p.m. and the home opener will be live on YES Wednesday afternoon.)

Today Alex (and some of the other Yankees) faced off against a pitching machine. The pitching machine, named Iron Mike, got the best of him, according to the tweets I’ve been seeing but it could have been worse. Chris Young actually struck out against the machine.

Anyway, at least the question of “when will A-Rod play in his first game?” has been answered and there will be no more speculating.

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Quick hit: The first lineups of the year (Yes, A-Rod is in there)

The post has been updated (12:09 PM) -SG
Here it is they are!



Yes, the lineups is are longer than usual because they’re playing an intrasquad game and that the real rules don’t apply. It will be six innings in length and the opposing pitcher is a machine so don’t draw many (if any) conclusions about anyone and how they will fare this season. Okay?

Happy Monday!

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The First Spring A-Rod Story That Matters: Will He Play Tomorrow?

Alex Rodriguez

Courtesy of the AP

The Alex Rodriguez coverage continues to be almost entirely laughable this spring, but yesterday afternoon a few reports came out that were actually worth the time it took to write them.  With the Yankees’ ST opener about a day away, the question has been raised of whether A-Rod will play in that game and if so, at what position?  The beat guys got on this yesterday and didn’t turn up much.  Alex said he had to talk to Joe first, Joe said he had to talk to Alex first, and it sounded like everybody was going to get back and talk about it together today before making a decision.

The Yanks will play a 6-inning intrasquad game today with a pitching machine, and as of this morning it’s still unknown if A-Rod will even participate in that game.  While there will be little to take from his performance in his first game, whenever that may be, I do think the Yankees realize that this decision does carry more weight with it than it normally would.  …

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Joe Names First Three Spring Training Starters

This was supposed to be announced yesterday, but Joe wanted to wait a day and reconvene with his staff after the rainout before making the call.  The reconvening has been done, the decisions have been made, and the announcement is all but official.  Via Wally Matthews, the first 3 Spring Training starters will be Adam Warren, Nathan Eovaldi, and Esmil Rogers.  Warren gets the ST opener on Tuesday, Eovaldi will throw Wednesday, and Rogers Thursday.

The decision to start Warren and Rogers early is hardly a surprising one.  With both of them being told to stretch out and prepare as starters this offseason, they’re a step or 2 ahead of the rest of the rotation in terms of game readiness.  They also don’t have lingering injury concerns like most of the other projected starters.

Eovaldi got an early start on his spring activities as well, so it’s exciting to see him get one of the early game assignments.  …

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