Game 20 Recap: Yankees 4 Rays 1

Gardner BB vs TB

The look of a man who knows he just had a good at-bat. Courtesy of the AP

While CC Sabathia‘s last start stirred up a lot of conversation and worry among the Yankee fanbase, Adam Warren‘s terrible start has barely registered as a blip on the radar.  He entered tonight with a tripleslash entirely in the 5s in 3 starts, he’d failed to complete 6 innings in any of them, and he’d walked more batters than he’d struck out.  The injuries to other starters gave him the benefit of more time, but with Chase Whitley pitching tomorrow it is worth wondering if Warren has already reached the point of pitching for his job.  If he has, then tonight was the start he needed to solidify it for a while longer.

It didn’t start out pretty.  Warren had runners on second and third with 1 out in the top of the 1st, but struck out Evan Longoria and got James Loney to ground out to end the threat.  …

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Game 20: Karns v. Warren

Welcome to tonight’s game thread. Here are your lineups.

Tampa Bay Rays New York Yankees
David DeJesus, DH Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Steven Souza, RF Brett Gardner, LF
Asdrubal Cabrera, SS Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Evan Longoria, 3B Mark Teixeira, 1B
James Loney, 1B Brian McCann, C
Brandon Guyer, LF Carlos Beltran, DH
Kevin Kiermaier, CF Chris Young, RF
Tim Beckham, 2B Stephen Drew, 2B
Rene Rivera, C Didi Gregorius, SS
Nate Karns, SP Adam Warren, SP


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Tex wins AL Player of the Week

Congratulations to Mark Teixeira who won the American League Player of the Week award. Pretty good for a notorious slow starter.

So what did Tex do to deserve the award? He batted .333/.429/1.000/1.429 with a .667 ISO and 5 home runs. He was insane against righties: .467/.500/1.467/1.967 with a 1.000 ISO.

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

Courtesy of ESPN Stats and Info

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Quick hit: Anonymous fan wants an asterisk next to A-Rod’s 660th home run

The following image has been spreading around the internet like wildfire:

My first thought was, “This has to be Randy Levine.”

My second thought was, “I wonder if this person has any problem with guys like Mays using greenies.”

My third thought was, “Hello? Barry Bonds?”

My fourth thought was, “This guy is hilarious and I’m so glad people like him are around for my amusement.”

Here’s home run #659 again for your enjoyment:

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Taking a look back at April 27

I’ve been blogging about the Yankees for four years now and there are times when I know exactly what I want to write about and there are other times when I’m completely stumped. Today was a day when I was stumped. You’d think with the Yankees winning two out of three against the Mets that I’d have a lot to say but I actually didn’t. Anyway, when I’m struggling for content, I sometimes look to my music collection to help me out. So as I sat down to start writing, I said to myself, “I will write about April 27, pick the years of the first five songs that play in iTunes on shuffle and write about the games that happened on those days.” Easy enough. And luckily for me, my iTunes shuffle did a nice job.

First up, 1993. The song was “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” by Sting.

The Yankees played the California Angels in Anaheim on a Tuesday and won the game 5-0 behind a complete game, one-hitter by Jimmy Key and an offensive breakout by Mike Gallego, who had two home runs.…

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The Yankees’ bullpen is living up to expectations so far


It was no secret going into the season that the bullpen would be the biggest strength for the New York Yankees.

However, the bullpen has managed to even exceed high expectations so far. The Yankees bullpen is second in MLB in team ERA (1.86) and second in K/9 (9.84).

Andrew Miller and Dellin Betances have not allowed a single run this season and the Yankees have not missed David Robertson yet at all, despite him getting off to an outstanding start with the White Sox. Robertson has been so good that his FIP – .82. I did not even know a minus FIP was possible honestly. I was critical of the decision not to bring Robertson back myself, but so far it certainly hasn’t been an issue. Just think about how sick Robertson, Betances and Miller would be though.

Betances is back to his 2014 form after initially struggling with his mechanics at the beginning of the season. His 97-98 mph velocity has returned along with his knee buckling slurve that had Mets hitters looking childish last night.…

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The Farm Report: April 27

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders:
The RailRiders went 4-3 this week, putting them at 9-9 over all, and 3.5 games behind Buffalo in the IL North Division. They took two out of three from Lehigh Valley before splitting a four game set against Pawtucket. The RailRiders currently lead the IL in triples with seven.

Chase Whitley continues to impress, throwing six innings against Lehigh Valley on Wednesday, giving up one run on six hits, no walks and two Ks. He owns a 2.12 ERA right now, with opposing hitters batting just .210 off him. Whitley has struck out thirteen in three games, while walking just six. Jacob Lindgren made two appearances this week, each for 0.2 innings. He allowed only one hit, two walks and struck out three. He owns a 2.98 ERA over seven games and has opposing hitters batting just .206.

Tyler Austin had a tough week, going just 3-28 with one RBI. He took only one walk and struck out seven times.…

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Game 19 Recap: Yankees 6 Mets 4

A-Rod Out vs NYM

This play, and this picture, was/is laugh out loud funny. Courtesy of the AP

There was a battle this weekend, good people.  You might not have even realized it was happening, but the very foundation of New York City was held in the hands (and legs, and bats, and gloves) of 2 titans of local sport.  For years they’ve battled for city supremacy, with the evil empire from the Bronx reigning supreme time and time again.  But not this year.  Not with the Mets poised to strike while the empire was down.  Not with The Dark Knight and The Guy With The Hair and that third baseman who’s not A-Rod and that young catcher who always gets hurt and Curtis Granderson‘s rotting corpse and the closer who got pinched for steroids.  Surely this was the year that the Mets would take back the city, reclaim it as their own, and vanquish the evil empire back from whence they came.  Or maybe not, since they played like a JV high school team last night and got beat.  …

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Game 19: Eovaldi vs. Niese

Here is your game thread.

Granderson 9
Lagares 8
Duda 3
Cuddyer 7
Murphy 4
Campbell 5
Flores 6
Muno DH
Plawecki 2

Gardner 7
Young 8
A-Rod DH
Teixeira 3
Beltran 9
Headley 5
Murphy 2
Drew 6
Petit 4


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