Game 79: Eovaldi vs. Shoemaker

Here’s your game thread for this joyous occasion – a west coast game beginning at a reasonable hour for us east coasters! Tonight’s lineups are:

New York Yankees Los Angeles Angels
Brett Gardner, CF Johnny Giavotella, 2B
Chase Headley, 3B Kole Calhoun, RF
Alex Rodriguez, DH Mike Trout, CF
Mark Teixeira, 1B Albert Pujols, DH
Brian McCann, C Erick Aybar, SS
Garrett Jones, RF David Freese, 3B
Chris Young, LF Matt Joyce, LF
Didi Gregorius, SS Chris Iannetta, C
Stephen Drew, 2B Efren Navarro, 1B
Nathan Eovaldi, SP Matt Shoemaker, SP

Enjoy the game!

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Quick hit: Esmil Rogers has been designated for assignment and Andrew Miller is still alive

While I feel bad for Rogers, because it can’t be fun being designated for assignment, I also feel great about this move because nothing said “white flag” more than seeing Esmil Rogers entering a game.

As for Miller, this is happening:


West coast games are the worst

Here are five reasons why west coast games are the worst:

1) The games start late and they end late. Duh.
2) If the Yankees lose and you stay up to watch the whole game, you’re too annoyed to fall asleep and when you wake up the next morning, you’re cranky both from the loss and from going to sleep so late.
3) If the Yankees lose and you didn’t stay up to watch the game, you usually find out as soon as you wake up the next morning that they lost and the rest of your day is annoying because, again, you’re cranky.
4) It feels like the Yankees never do well out there: they can’t hit, they can’t play defense, etc. Does anyone else remember the 2005 ALDS when Sheff and Bubba Crosby collided on the right field wall in Anaheim? I do. I still have nightmares about it.
5) And why does it seem like the umpires they pick for west coast games/series are always awful?…

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Quick Hit: Dem Road Hittin’ Blues

As cold as they’ve been in the last week or so, it’s been difficult to criticize the Yankee offense this season.  They remain firmly entrenched in the top 5 in MLB in home runs (103), runs scored (365), team slugging percentage (.427) and team wRC+ (107).  Over the full 78-game sample size, the offense has been the most consistent part of this year’s team.

But if there is a legitimate gripe to have with the O, it’s the ever-widening gap between the team’s home/road splits.  That’s been on full display during this road trip, with the Yankees managing a total of 3 runs in their last 3 games.  As of this morning, the Yankees have a .282/.350/.496 team tripleslash at home, good for an MLB best 130 wRC+.  On the road, however, they’re hitting just .233/.300/.369, a slash line that ranks them 19th in baseball with an 87 wRC+.  To put it into a different perspective, the Yankees are basically Jose Abreu at home and Michael Cuddyer on the road.…

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Game 78 Quick Recap: LAA 2 NYY 1

Nova vs LAA

Courtesy of the AP

The Yankees really aren’t doing much lately, so there’s no point in spending too many words on last night’s game.  You only get 2 hits as a team, you lose.  Pretty simple.

The first of those 2 hits came in the top of the 2nd, when Mark Teixeira homered to lead off the innings against Andrew Heaney.  It was his 19th of the year and the only run the Yanks would get.  Brett Gardner had the other hit, a 2-out single, the next inning and that was it for the rest of the game.  The Yanks drew 2 walks over the final 6 innings against Heaney and the Angel relievers and never advanced a runner to second base.

To his credit, Ivan Nova was pretty solid in his second start back from Tommy John.  This one definitely had more of that post-TJS feel than his first start.  Nova had to work around 2 on/1 out in the 1st inning and bases loaded in the 2nd to keep Anaheim off the board.  …

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Game 78: Nova vs. Heaney

Here’s your game thread for this evening. Tonight’s lineups are:

New York Yankees Los Angeles Angels
Brett Gardner, CF Johnny Giavotella, 2B
Chris Young, LF Kole Calhoun, RF
Alex Rodriguez, DH Mike Trout, CF
Mark Teixeira, 1B Albert Pujols, 1B
Brian McCann, C Erick Aybar, SS
Carlos Beltran, RF David Freese, 3B
Chase Headley, 3B Matt Joyce, LF
Didi Gregorius, SS C.J. Cron, DH
Stephen Drew, 2B Chris Iannetta, C
Ivan Nova, SP Andrew Heaney, SP

Enjoy the game!

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Report: Yankees Among Several Teams “Looking At” Jeff Samardzija And Clay Buchholz

Interesting tidbit of trade rumoring from Nick Cafardo today.  Buried in a larger article of mostly Red Sox-ian topics, Cafardo included the Yankees in a group of teams who are reportedly “looking at” right-handed starters Jeff Samardzija and Clay Buchholz as we inch closer to next month’s trade deadline.

These are new names as far as the Yankees and their potential deadline targets are concerned.  We’ve been hearing a lot more about Cueto, Leake, and Cole Hamels lately.  But both Samardzija and Buchholz would be upgrades over the guys currently occupying the back end of the Yankee rotation.  Samardzija has seemingly taken a step back this year (4.56 ERA, 123 hits, 19.0% K rate in 108.1 IP), but he’s still a workhorse and his velocity hasn’t dropped so presumably he’s healthy.  Buchholz has actually been one of the best starters in the AL and the only full-time starter in the Boston rotation who’s been any good.

Samardzija is a true 2-month rental while Buchholz has a few team options years attached to him, so the asking prices could vary a little.  …

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Projecting The 25-Man Roster At The Trade Deadline

By now, almost everybody has had a chance to catch up on the big story to come out of last night, that being the Yankees’ decision to send Adam Warren back to the bullpen.  They announced that Nathan Eovaldi would make the start tomorrow, effectively removing Warren from the rotation and sending him back to where he was originally supposed to be.

The argument for why Warren deserved to go when he’s outperformed former fellow starters CC Sabathia and Nathan Eovaldi is both a valid and unnecessary one, as this was always the move the Yankees were going to make.  Further beating that dead horse case into the ground won’t change the decision, so rather than dwell on it let’s move forward from it and use it as a launch pad to look ahead over the next month.

The return of Ivan Nova is what really led to the Warren decision, and depending on how you want to look at it, that return can act as the Yankees’ version of adding a starter at the trade deadline.  …

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Quick hit: Mike Trout is a pain in the ass

He really is…

That said, he’d look great in pinstripes. Too bad it’s never happening.

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