A Dean Anna Split: Yankees 5, Rays 1 F/12


Dean Anna’s Nickname is “Raccoon”

Okay, I have to confess, I missed the 9th-11th innings of this game because I was eating Easter dinner with my mom and Aunt but I did leave the table a couple of times to see what was happening and I finished my plate just as the 12th inning was getting interesting.

In case you missed it, that was when the good stuff happened for the Yankees.

And it went a little something like this:

  • Heath Bell walks Yangervis Solarte.
  • Joe Maddon walks out to the mound to replace Bell with C. J. Riefenhauser while wearing his three quarter sleeved Rays hoodie and hipster glasses. He’s so cool and so hip! Yawn.
  • Brett Gardner grounds into a force out and Solarte is out at second.
  • Brian Roberts lines out to short for the second out.
  • Brian McCann singles to center and Gardner advances to 3rd.
  • After a visit to the mound, the Rays decide to intentionally walk Jacoby Ellsbury to load the bases because surely the better matchup in this situation would be Dean Anna, right?
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Game 19: The Good, the Bad, and the Yankees

The last two nights have been an exercise in adding insult to injury, and vice versa. The first bullpen implosion of the young season was piggybacked by a potentially season-ending injury to Ivan Nova, and said injury was bookended by a 16 to 1 drubbing at the hands of the Rays. We remain a scant three weeks into the season, so it seems premature to truly panic – yet I readily admit that I am a bit more pessimistic this afternoon than I was twenty-four hours ago. Though, to be fair, that is due more so to the injury to Nova than the disheartening blowouts.

New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF Sean Rodriguez, LF
Derek Jeter, SS Ben Zobrist, DH
Carlos Beltran, RF Logan Forsythe, 2B
Alfonso Soriano, DH Evan Longoria, 3B
Mark Teixeira, 1B Wil Myers, RF
Yangervis Solarte, 3B James Loney, 1B
Brett Gardner, LF Brandon Guyer, CF
Brian Roberts, 2B Yunel Escobar, SS
John Ryan Murphy, C Ryan Hanigan, C
Vidal Nuno, SP Cesar Ramos, SP
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Today’s Lineup at Rays: 4/20/14

Ellsbury 8
Jeter 6
Beltran 9
Soriano 0
Teixeira 3
Solarte 5
Gardner 7
Roberts 4
Murphy 2

Nuno 1

Preston Claiborne and Bryan Mitchell were called up, Matt Daley and Scott Sizemore were sent down.

Oh, and that Mark Teixeira is back too.

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Quick Hit: Nova Update

Well, this isn’t good news at all.

The Yankees announced that Ivan Nova has a partial tear of UCL in his right elbow and that he will be reevaluated Monday in New York.

Doesn’t it seem like there is an uptick in UCL tears this season? Is it the new oblique injury?

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Doomed: Rays 16 Yankees 1


Well, that didn’t go as expected. Coming into tonight’s game it looked as if there would be a good pitching duel going down in St. Pete but of course, that all depended on whether or not “super” Ivan Nova showed up. It turned out Nova was not so super. Nova went only four innings due to injury, giving up eight runs on eight hits – four of them were home runs. He was shaking his elbow in displeasure on the mound.

The bullpen didn’t pitch any better. The call up, Matt Daley, went an inning and a third giving up four earned on five hits. However, he only gave up one home run. Positivity, right?

Oh, and Dean Anna pitched. If that doesn’t make you realize this game was a dumpster fire, I don’t know what will. Anna surprising only gave up two runs in his appearance. His windup resembled that of a slow pitch beer softball league. His fastball was sitting in the mid 50′s.…

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Game 18: Doom and Gloom

With the Yankees fresh off of their first true ‘Death by Bullpen’ game of the season, there seems to be a pervasive sense of worriment. The previously stellar performances of Matt Thornton and Adam Warren are already being treated as if they occurred in the distant past, or some faraway universe in which the Yankees are allowed to have nice things. And even if David Robertson comes back strong and transitions into the closer’s mentality with gusto, the bullpen as a whole remains in need of a dramatic overhaul. How else could this have happened, after all?

In reality, last night just sucked. Every bullpen is going to implode once in awhile. It feels a bit worse than usual, as it came against the Rays in Tampa … but it is indicative of nothing other than a bit of bad luck.

Although, to be fair, Cesar Cabral stinks.

New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF David DeJesus, CF
Brett Gardner, LF Ben Zobrist, 2B
Carlos Beltran, DH Matt Joyce, DH
Brian McCann, C Evan Longoria, 3B
Alfonso Soriano, LF James Loney, 1B
Yangervis Solarte, 3B Wil Myers, RF
Kelly Johnson, 1B Sean Rodriguez, LF
Brian Roberts, 2B Yunel Escobar, SS
Dean Anna, SS Ryan Hanigan, C
Ivan Nova, SP Chris Archer, SP
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Ground Balls: Sabathia’s 2014 Adjustment

There’s no denying that CC Sabathia has lost a significant amount of velocity over the last few years. While we’ll likely see him sitting in the low-90′s by June or July, those hoping that he ever regains his mid-90′s fastball are headed for disappointment over the next three seasons. After a rough 2013 season, Sabathia needs to regain the confidence of his fanbase despite velocity.

Indeed, it looks like Sabathia’s biggest weakness in 2013 was his command and lack of whiffs, both of which just slightly declined for the left-hander. His pitching coach attributed this to his new body weight and poor balance and timing on the mound. But these problems have so far been settled in 2014, as his K/9 sits at an excellent 9.35, and his BB/9 at 1.73. His ERA might be 5.19, but taken into account his absurdly high home run rate, his xFIP has him at 2.56.

Home runs will make or break Sabathia this year, as the AL East and Yankee Stadium are notoriously friendly to the long ball.…

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Cabral Designated For Assignment, Daley Called Up

After the bullpen implosion tonight, the Yankees were a little low on relievers, but I didn’t expect them to DFA Cesar Cabral. The poor lefty just had nothing tonight, and he hit 3 batters before umpire Joe West threw him out of the game for the safety of Rays. After his poor outing and getting tossed, Cabral was almost immediately designated for assignment, which means he’ll need to be traded or put on waivers in the next 10 days. This clears up a spot on the 40-man roster for Matt Daley, who the Yankees are calling up after posting 13 strikeouts in 5.0 innings in Scranton.

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