Have All Of Teix’s Injury Problems This Season Finally Caught Up To Him?

Teix vs TB

Pretty good chance he pulled something there. Courtesy of Getty Images

August was not a good month for Mark Teixeira.  He missed another handful of games due to injury problems and hit a grotesquely weak .193/.276/.307 with 2 HR, 9 BB, and 22 K in 98 plate appearances.  It was by far his worst single month of this season and the depressing continuation of an even more depressing season-long trend.  Teix’s production has dropped off in each month as he’s dealt with and played through a string of nagging injuries and it appears as though all the wear and tear finally caught up to him in August.

You don’t even have to dig too deep to see this.  Just check his monthly OPS splits.  Teix missed 14 games in April and posted an .862 OPS with a .487 slugging percentage.  He missed 3 games in May and posted an .840 with a .472 SLG.  Missed 3 games in June and posted a .774 (.471), 8 in July with a .695 (.375), and 5 in August with the aforementioned .582 (.307).  …

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Giving Chris Capuano Some Love

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The pitching staff of the New York Yankees is the reason that they have even the slightest chance to make the postseason this year. Michael Pineda, Shane Greene and Brandon McCarthy have been getting a lot of credit for their performances. Nobody has really realized just how good Chris Capuano has been.

When the Yankees traded for Capuano for cash on July 24th, he was thought just to be a filler in the rotation for a little bit. However, he has pitched so well that he has managed to stay in the rotation ever since. He has been another bargain bin pickup found by the Yankees’ analytics team that has turned into much more than that.

Capuano’s 1-2 record and 4.01 ERA will not jump out at you right away until you look deeper into his peripheral numbers. The Yankees don’t score runs for anybody, which explains his record. His 3.20 FIP with the Yankees suggests that he has been unlucky.…

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Ellsbury Update: Awaiting MRI Results

Guess we might not be seeing Jacoby Ellsbury back in the lineup tonight after all. After injuring his ankle sliding into home on Friday night, sitting out Saturday, and pinch hitting on Sunday, Ellsbury was scheduled for an MRI that night when the team returned to New York.  The results of that MRI were not revealed yesterday, possibly due to the holiday, but that could be taken as a bad sign.

If the MRI looked fine and Ellsbury was ready to go, the team probably would have said something about that.  If there was something on it that gave the team doctors cause for concern, perhaps yesterday was spent as an extra “wait and see” day so the team could come up with a backup plan or develop a new timetable for his return.  The fact that he was immediately removed for a pinch runner on Sunday means that his ankle is probably in worse shape than most people thought.  You don’t remove your fastest baserunner when you need late-game runs if he’s healthy enough to run the bases.…

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Yankees chasing history down the stretch

This Yankees team is on pace to set a dubious record.

This Yankees team is on pace to set a dubious record.

With the Yankees’ playoff hopes on life support entering the final month of the season, it appears that the biggest storyline for the team in September will be the (not) farewell tour of Derek Jeter.

However, Jeter’s final at-bats in a Yankee uniform likely won’t be the only history that fans will witness down the stretch….

If the Yankees maintain their current season pace, they would become the first team in major-league history to post back-to-back winning seasons while being outscored by at least 20 runs in each year.

Last season the Yankees went 85-77 despite a run differential of -21, their worst mark since 1991 (-103). Based on the amount of runs scored and allowed, the team was expected to win just 79 games.

This year they could easily end up with an even lower run differential and still produce a winning record – they currently have been outscored by 27 runs and are five games over .500.…

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Yankeemetrics: August 29-31 (Blue Jays)

Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury swung hot bats against the Blue Jays (Photo: AP/Nathan Denette)

Brett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury swung hot bats against the Blue Jays
(Photo: AP/Nathan Denette)

More Buehrle, please
The Yankees beat up on their good friend Mark Buehrle on Friday night in a 6-3 win over the Blue Jays.

Buehrle is now 1-13 in 20 career starts vs the Yankees, is winless in his last 16 starts against them and has lost his last 11 decisions vs the franchise. Here’s what that means:

• Buehrle’s 1-13 record vs Yankees is the worst among any pitcher that has at least 20 starts vs Yankees in last 100 years
• His 11 straight decisions lost matches the longest losing streak by a left-handed pitcher vs the Yankees in the last 100 years
• Buehrle’s 16-start winless streak is the second-longest streak against the Yankees in last 100 years, behind only Slim Hariss (19 straight from 1920-25)

Jacoby Ellsbury had another strong offensive game, becoming the first Yankee leadoff batter ever with a triple and a homer in a game at Toronto (Brett Gardner would later match his feat in the series finale).…

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Game 135: McCarthy v. Happ

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Sunday Mid-Morning Newsings: Tanaka And Ellsbury

There are a couple of stories we haven’t touched on this weekend, ones that merit some kind of mention.  Before they become old news, here’s the latest and my personal take on these 2 happenings.

Tanaka’s Arm

Masahiro Tanaka threw his second sim game as scheduled on Thursday morning.  He threw 49 pitches to Brendan Ryan, used all of his pitches, and said he felt good except for some “normal soreness.”  On Friday, however, the situation changed and Tanaka was sent back to New York with what was described as “general soreness” throughout his right arm.  Both Tanaka and the team were quick to specify that it was not his elbow, and Tanaka said he believed it was just soreness related to not pitching in a while.  Still, with no plans to see a doctor as a precautionary follow-up and no more plans for him to continue his throwing, the chances of Tanaka returning to the mound next month are significantly lower.…

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The expandables: Who will the Yankees call up for September?

We are two days away from that wacky time of year when team active rosters can expand from 25 to any amount from 26 to forty. If your team is out of the chase, you can call up a bunch of prospects you want to look at, but as Joe Girardi has said in the past, September is not the time for auditions when in a race to make the playoffs. While the Yankees are currently racing like Jeff Gordon trying to make the last four laps on bald tires, they are still giving it their best shot. That said, don’t expect any fun prospect porn from the Yankees.

First of all, you can only bring up players from your 40-man roster (I’ve read the actual MLB rules here and they are a bit ambiguous). So those of you hoping for a fun glimpse of Rob Refsnyder or even Pat Venditte will be disappointed unless the Yankees clear room on the 40-man roster.…

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Game 134 Quick Recap: TOR 2 NYY 0

That about sums it up today.  Nothing more needs to be said.  Personally, I’m glad I spent my day getting my oil changed and making moving runs to the new place.  Watching this play out on Gamecast would have been a million times more aggravating than trying to take apart sturdy kitchen table legs without the allen wrench that I needed.

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