LA Times: suck it

Since one of the things that angers me most about sports/media is the absolutely hypocrisy being tossed in our (read: the fans) faces, I couldn’t let this one slide.

In October 2006, L.A. Times reporters Lance Pugmire and Tim Brown ran with a redacted copy of the Jason Grimsley affidavit, including the following “major” names, under the guise of “allegedly”:

  • Andy Pettitte
  • Miguel Tejada
  • Brian Roberts
  • Jay Gibbons
  • David Segui
  • Roger Clemens

After the Times’ report was published the then-U.S. Attorney in San Francisco, Kevin Ryan, said it contained “significant inaccuracies.” The Times did nothing.

Yesterday, December 20, 2007, the affidavit was unsealed at the request of a federal judge in Phoenix. Lo and behold, “Four names, including that of Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte, were not mentioned in the affidavit, despite a newspaper report last year that singled them out”.

The Times had this to say yesterday: “We acknowledge the inaccuracies of the report and deeply regret the mistake” and published the following today, buried in their “Corrections” area:

Baseball: A front-page article on Oct.

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re: Schilling's blog

Welcome to my blog…

I’ve been quiet since the Mitchell Report was released. No surprises, though disappointment, as I expected (see below from my ESPN-hosted blog). I wanted to believe Pettitte was above the dirt, but apparently no one is spared, even professed god-fearing men. (which is why I find so many of these bible-bashers incredibly hypocritical, but that’s another topic for another time.) Now, about Schilling: While I personally can’t stand Schilling, I do find his blogging generally, um, interesting.

This is not track and field. This is not Marion Jones. This is a team sport with 25 players on a side. Taking away wins is incredibly short-sighted. Who’s to say that all 25 guys on the other team are lillywhite pure?

Personal awards? Again, who’s to say that #2 was totally, unequivocally clean either? [sidebar #1: How come he didn’t mention Gagne’s Cy Young award or Tejada’s MVP award?]

I’ll leave the issues about proving innocence to guys like ShysterBall since I don’t have a legal background.… Click here to read the rest