Santana decision due any minute. Or not.

UPDATE #2: Looks like the 4 prospects sent by the Mets were their 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th best prospects, according to Baseball America. Seems like Bill Smith overplayed his hand a bit, doesn’t it? From Ellsbury/Buchholz or Hughes as a headliner, he’s got Gomez. Quite a miss.

UPDATE #1 (courtesy of

Johan Santana Traded To Mets

UPDATE, 1-29-08 at 3:15pm: Bob Nightengale of USA Today says an agreement to trade Santana to the Mets has been reached. They’ll send Carlos Gomez, Philip Humber, Deolis Guerra, and Kevin Mulvey to the Twins. The Mets still have to work out a six or seven year extension for Santana, according to Nightengale. If this baby reaches its true conclusion we’ll sit down and analyze.

UPDATE, 1-29-08 at 2:55pm: More from Olney. His sources say the Mets have the best offer, the Red Sox also made offers, and the Yanks are out. Santana apparently asked the Twins to make a decision, wrap this thing up. Wrap it up! Olney is not sure whether F-Mart is part of the Mets’ offer.

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For the love of all things holy: SHUT UP!

Here’s my conundrum: I was born and raised a Yankee fan. It’s my hometown team, the team that my Dad rooted for as a kid. The team that my kids root for. No different had I been born in Kansas City; we woulda been Royals fans (damn you, Larry Gura!). However, being a Yankee fan, to me, doesn’t mean I have to like or agree with everything they do.

I’m already on record being against the layout of the upper deck, as it seems it will be more bowl-like than stacked like it currently is configured. Too much like Shea than Yankee Stadium. The current configuration keeps the fans closer (and louder) to the field. I fear that the new layout will keep the upper deck fans too far from the action. We’ll see, I guess.

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New pictures of The New Yankee Stadium (TNYS)

Greg from Sliding Into Home has been the leading source of new pictures of the construction of TNYS. The impacts of this new cathedral to capitalism will be felt across all of baseball. Fewer seats but a ton of luxe suites which will be not dissimilar to installing free cash machines in Hank’s office.

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Feel good Friday posting

Nothing to do with sports, steroids, scandal. Just a good 5 minutes to ease your brain as we head towards the weekend…. let this take you back to Daniel-San and the Kobra Kai. If you don’t understand the reference or the amazing video below, Dad, I will call you and explain!

Like a good tornado, this picks up speed as it goes along.

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Anonymity, schmanonymity

Remember when MLB drug testing results were under lock and key, and the players were promised anonymity? How quaint. Not so much any more.

A bit of background: Way back in 2004 when BALCO and other labs were being investigated, federal investigators had search warrants for 11 players. The feds seized computers from these labs and, lo and behold, they contained more players’ testing results than the 11 they were seeking. (Anyone shocked here? Didn’t think so.)

Feds argued that they can keep all the information since “the 11 names it wanted were irrevocably mixed with the other names on computer hard drives“. How convenient.

The MLBPA (player’s union) obviously and justifiably fought this, citing player’s rights to unlawful search and seizure. Not sure, but I think that’s a violation of the 2nd Amendment. Any lawyer-types want to confirm?

The MLBPA won, initially. Then was overturned in December 2006 by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals . Announced last night that they had affirmed their ruling, thereby allowing the feds to keep all the names and data found on the confiscated computers.

So, is there ANY surprise about the reluctance of the Union and all MLB ballplayers to “cooperate” with the Mitchell Investigation or any other PED-related investigation? There is no anonymity. The feds cannot guarantee it and surely MLB can’t, either.

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