They are clean because J.Donovan says so

I’ve picked a few of his selections of his along with his rationale on each that I find the most, um, interesting.

Alex Rodriguez— I don’t think Jose Canseco, despite the upcoming book, has anything on A-Rod. You can throw darts at his scary-perfect public persona and his sometimes goofy actions on the field, but come on, already. A-Rod is doing things that no one has ever done before.

So, for all the crap Canseco’s been alleging about ARod is false, but nearly everything else he has claimed in the first book has been true? Call me a bitter baseball fan, but I would not rush to put ARod on my “clean” list just yet. I hope against hope that he’s as sparkling clean as the driven snow, but if he’s not…(thoughts drift)

Albert Pujols — He’s taken some shots. About his age (he’s supposedly older than what he lets on). About steroids (his name is often bandied about). But the allegations never stick.

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