Wait, we actually WON that game?

I watched the entire game and I’m still stunned that the Giants won. I watched Marion Barber look like a snowplow out there early. I watched Romo & Co. play keep-away for an entire quarter. Suddenly, the Giants won. Then I watched Eli will the Giants for a TD as the 1st half expired. I watched how the Giants got waaay too conservative late, giving the ball back to Dallas twice late in the fourth quarter. Then I watched Romo get the ball back and have the Cowboys on the doorstep. Finally I watched McQuarters intercept Romo in the end zone to solidify the win. YES!

Best part of the game for me: having my boys legitimately interested in it, especially my older son, who’s just at the right age to start “getting into it”. He high-fived me after the INT. My little one, who really has no idea what’s going one (“Root for the Giants; they’re in BLUE“), cheered. A good day.

Not much more to the post as I’m just really excited, especially since the Chargers also won (our adopted 2nd favorite team since the rest of my family is living in SD; see this for more SD goodness).

Got a really crazy work stretch coming up so I will try to post when my sked permits. Most of it will sadly be Clemens-related as it’s starting to heat up. Maybe I will have some fun with the Glaus-Rolen trade (injury history, bad attitudes, ‘roids…).

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Too bad Bud doesn't have a Flux Capacitor

Too bad Bud Selig doesn’t have a working Flux Capacitor so he could go back in time about 15-20 years and do this. While the natural cynic in me screams “IT’S ABOUT TIME, BUD!“, I will say that I am happy he’s finally doing it.

In doing so now, he can better serve the future fans to ensure the performances they are witnessing on the field are as close to PED-free as possible. [NOTE: once they start blood testing, we’ll be even better shape. Too bad the Union won’t consent to taking samples now and freezing them until there’s a reliable test.] Guys like Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder, ARod, Albert Pujols can continue to attack the record books without being looked at skeptically, hopefully.

Now, I have no idea what sort of broad authorities this investigatory unit will have, nor do I know what their mission will be, other than to halt the use of PEDs. Will they have access to all clubhouses? Will they conduct background checks on every person who has access to the clubhouse? Will they act like PI‘s and track/trail players, clubhouse guys, trainers, etc.? At what stage does the ALCU take a stand?
Other questions: Will Bud have the authority to suspend or will any findings be subject to Union barkings? Is this subject to the Collective Bargaining Agreement or is this something that is possible to instate unilaterally under the powers of the Commish?

Highlights of commissioner Bud Selig’s implementations based on George Mitchell’s suggestions of policing drug use in the sport:

  • Establishment of a department of investigations for the purpose of examining drug use
  • Tip line for team employees to make Selig’s office aware of violations of drug, betting and other rules
  • Background checks and random drug tests for clubhouse employees
  • Logging all packages sent to clubhouses
  • Permanent credentials for drug testers

More to come on this, no doubt.

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Warning: Contains hockey-like substances

Didn’t this league just strike for over a year and cancel a full season? Didn’t they implement a salary cap? Aren’t their games only on a channel called Versus? Then how does THIS happen:

Ovechkin, Capitals agree to 13-year, $124 million contract extension

I don’t care how good this kid is, isn’t that a bit much for a league ‘supposedly’ struggling right now?

WARNING: Knowingly ignoring your unsuccessful past leads to bad decisions:

Leonsis said he was initially skittish about the length of the deal, having been burned by the eight-year, $88 million contract he gave Jaromir Jagr in 2001. The owner noted, however, that other contracts will surpass Ovechkin’s in years to come, and that “in 10 years the deal might look really attractive.”

MIGHT. Good luck with that, Ted. In other words: “While I overpaid like mad TODAY, I know I can count on my peers to take me off the hook by overpaying worse down the road. Where is Glen Sather these days, anyways?

I’m not sure what will look more UNattractive in 10 years: Ovechkin’s teeth or Ted’s waistline.

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Yanks interested in Cameron?

Fox Sports writer Ken Rosenthal noted that the Yanks are interested in Mike Cameron. [Thanks to MLBtraderumors.com for the heads-up.]

The Yankees are showing serious interest in Cameron, major-league sources say, figuring that they could trade center fielder Melky Cabrera even if they do not send him to the Twins for left-hander Johan Santana.

Whaaaaa? Do the Yanks really need to sign a player already facing a 25 game STEROID SUSPENSION to be their FIFTH outfielder? What, the Yanks don’t have a big enough ‘roid cloud hanging over their heads already? Hank must have said: “Eh, the Mitchell Report wasn’t so bad. So what if our players were plastered all over it. We can handle it; we’re the Yanks. Now, what we really need is another aging OF who has a pending 25 game suspesnsion looming. That would prove how tough we are

If they make this deal AND Melky isn’t traded, how will they handle that rotation of OF? Are they suddenly going to deal Damon? Matsui? I guess I could see it (somewhat) if the Yanks deal Melky to get Johan.

I’m all for fielding the best team possible but at some point, this is just silly.

And all this comes after the Yanks signed Jason Lane (to a minor league deal) to possibly man 1B next year. Who’s he, you ask? Well, he was an outfielder with the Astros who hit .173 last year. Two years ago, he hit 26 HR but has fallen off the cliff the last 2 years. Continue reading Yanks interested in Cameron?

Memo to Hank (reposting)


TO: Hank Steinbrenner
CC: Hal Steinbrenner
DATE: January 10, 2008
RE: Press and official statements

Dear Hank:

Please refrain from any and all public comments until there is an agreed-to deal in place. At that time, we will host a press conference where we will make all senior Yankee leadership available to the Press. Answering every phone call from every credentialed writer, while noble, is not the way to conduct yourself or represent the views of the entire organization (specifically the “baseball people”).

We need to conduct negotiations in a closed door environment. Opening the kimono for all to see reduces leverage and makes us look foolish (at best) and forces us to overpay (at worst). We’ve gone through great lengths to build and cultivate respect amongst our peers (GMs) and conducting negotiations through the press undermines those well crafted efforts.

I’ll call you as soon as we have anything viable to discuss. At that time, as the representative for the General Partner, you will have final say.

Best Regards,
Brian Cashman
General Manager and Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations

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Suspicious? Ironic? Calculated? You tell me.

As you may have heard, our ultra-busy congressmen have decided that THEY need to have their own Clemens/McNcamee investigation BEFORE dragging them in to speak under oath. Glad they have nothing better to do. Our friend Craig at Shysterball has an excellent post on this subject today, and quite honestly, beat me to the punch (as usual) on the subject. [For those who haven’t bookmarked Shysterball and visit it at least once daily, you should do so. You’ll be smarter for doing it.]

What stuck out to me as either ironic or cooly calculated was the reschedule date: February 13th. What’s so ironic about that? Well, only that the next day is the First Day for Pitchers and Catchers to report to major league camps, or in otherwords, one of the bestest days of the year for me. Sounds like it’s been timed exactly to coincide with the launching of the season, or, as far as Congress is concerned, perfect for gaining the most airtime. I still cannot believe that Congress is taking the time and money to decide a he-said/he-said. Furthermore, that they think they can determine this in one month and it took Mitchell years to get anything done.

If this Inquisition took place on January 16th, as originally scheduled, we’d have a month to put it behind us and finally get ready for the regular season… a regular season that could not come soon enough after this horribly damaging Winter. Bud, thanks again for ordering the Mitchell Report. Incomplete, suspect and based primarily upon two trainers/in-house staffers based in NY. Yes, I am angry.

The esteemed Buster Olney of ESPN fame, lead his blog today (Insider access required) with this:

Some baseball executives wonder if federal investigators will uncover trainers and batboys in other cities, in Los Angeles or Kansas City or Boston or Texas or some other place. “You have to figure that there was a Kirk Radomski in just about every clubhouse,” a GM said the other day. “It wasn’t only in New York.”

That’s all for now. I’m a bit buried with work so more when time permits.


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A quick detour

I’m an admitted and notorious seamhead first and foremost, though I do keep tabs on the other major sporting events, particularly football. Due to my employer, I won’t even discuss basketball. I still love live hockey but my interest has waned since Messier led the Rangers to the Cup in 1994 (yes, I have polaroids of me with the Cup; I’ll try to get them scanned). I’m clearly not a Saturday football fan, mostly because I went to school in the Big East and my team was in a dome.

That being said, I am just stunned to find that Arthur Blank, the incredibly successful co-founder of the Home Depot and also owner of the Atlanta Falcons, has cast his gaze upon the visage of Pete Carroll, head coach of the USC Trojans. SAY WHAT?

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We're hypocrites, face it

Face it, we’re hypocrites, just like the guys we root for. Here’s why:

When McGwire was called to testify, we crucified him for saying nothing. We wanted to hear (what we thought would be) the truth, or at least something, anything. Hasn’t been heard from since.

When Palmiero wagged his finger in Congress’ face, we cheered. When he got caught testing positive a few weeks later, we skewered him. Hasn’t been heard from since.

When Giambi was nailed thru leaked testimony, he sweated his way thru a pseudo-apology, without ever saying “steroids” or “HGH”, only that he was sorry for doing “that stuff“. Hasn’t been the same player since, oft-injured, broken down.

When Bonds was outted in the Balco mess, we boo’d (except those in SF). He was lying (we believe). He’s a bad guy (hard to really argue that). He did it not to get healthy, or remain in the game. He was already a man with HOF credentials but he wanted to go higher. How dare he? He hasn’t gone away, chosing to thumb his nose at everything, including the indictment this off-season. He faces jail time on perjury charges. He will not go gently into that dark night.

When Clemens was outted, he launched (pardon the rocket pun) a major offensive attack. Like Bonds, he was already a HOF-caliber player who allegedly/reportedly used to ascend past the pinnacle of the sport into the most elite ever. He didn’t admit it like Pettitte, probably because he either didn’t do it (I doubt this) or he’s trying to persuade the public. Or maybe, as McNamee mentioned, he actually believes his own story in spite of the truth.

As the 60 Minutes interview draws to a close, Clemens, who will repeat his denials in a news conference the next day, discusses the possibility of taking a lie detector test. “I think he’s the one guy who could probably beat the test,” McNamee opines. “He might actually believe that he’s telling the truth.”

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What I didn't hear

I never heard McNamee say “Roger, you DIDN’T do it”, or “Yes, you did do it, Roger.”

I heard McNamee sound regretful as hell. But I never heard him say, clearly and without question, that he (Roger) didn’t do it.

I did hear the case for Clemens improve, however.

(of course, good old Rusty just came on and said the same thing)

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