A view inside the gilded gates

Some of the more interesting things:
When you’re in the same room as the two brothers, who are separated by more than 11 years, it’s almost impossible to ignore the Felix-Oscar comparison. Trim, in pressed chinos and a blue-and-white polo shirt, Hal is all wariness and restraint, every bit the conservative young businessman suggested by his 1994 M.B.A. For his part, Hank, with his proudly liberated gut and shopworn, untucked appearance, is clearly not one to hold himself back.
If the stadium’s exterior, with its limestone and granite facade, is self-consciously retro, the interior will be thoroughly modern. [Lon] Trost might as well have been talking about a new themed hotel in Las Vegas as he described what would become of one drafty concrete chamber after another: the New York Yankees martini bar, a steakhouse (NYY Steak), a grill room, a Yankees museum, a year-round banquet hall and a conference center. The team’s interlocking “NY” logo will be everywhere, from the door handles to the latticework.
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Clemens' Seven Deadly Sins: REVIEWED!

Craig’s commentary in italics

  1. MR. CLEMENS’S TESTIMONY THAT HE HAS “NEVER TAKEN STEROIDS OR HGH” If they could prove that one either way they would have at the hearing, so a perjury investigation isn’t going anywhere.
  2. MR. CLEMENS’S TESTIMONY THAT MR. MCNAMEE INJECTED HIM WITH LIDOCAINE All they have is Brian McNamee saying “no I didn’t” and lots of evidence of McNamee lying about other stuff. No way to definitively determine who is telling the truth about that.
  3. MR. CLEMENS’S TESTIMONY THAT TEAM TRAINERS GAVE HIM PAIN INJECTIONS I’d have to go back and check context, but who is going to say team trainers never gave him pain injections? I’m SURE they did at some point.
  4. MR. CLEMENS’S TESTIMONY THAT HE RECEIVED MANY VITAMIN B-12 INJECTIONS We all know from “Juiced” that B-12 is code for steroids, but I’m guessing there was some real B-12 too. To prove he was lying, wouldn’t they have to prove that he never got any?
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