Another reason to cheer for Jeter

I’ve been on the record about blood testing and I think it’s imperative that the leaders of all sports come around to taking whatever measures needed to ensure integrity remains. Let’s hope the Union leaders don’t stonewall again, even if that’s their right and “obligation”. Let it be collectively bargained if need be, but it needs to happen. Now.


UPDATE: Looks like there’s more, and honestly, when ISN’T there more about this stuff? Not only Jeter here and it’s worth a read. Some good quotes below:

Asked about the issue Sunday, Jeter clarified his position to the Daily News.

“(The problem) has gotten so much attention now, I think it would probably silence a lot of people that were critical of guys … so I wouldn’t mind it,” Jeter said. “I can only comment on myself; I don’t know about other people. I don’t like needles very much, but I wouldn’t mind it.”

I’m not saying I would ever be in favor of it, but if we did do it, that would be the only way the general public would finally believe that baseball is completely clean,” said Mike Mussina, the Yankees’ players union representative.

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