The fine line, redux

Wetzel takes my thoughts a step further, thankfully, and opened his article this way:

Roger Clemens is either completely innocent or completely stupid.

There really isn’t another option, not after Clemens has so aggressively defended himself against performance-enhancing drug charges that he has, perhaps unwittingly, raised the stakes to felony levels.

A felony? Looks like someone overplayed their hand, eh Rusty/Roger?

As I have claimed many times, Clemens has done everything we’ve said we would want our sports heroes to do if wrongly accused. From Wetzel:

He’s filed a defamation lawsuit. He’s gone on “60 Minutes.” He’s held a news conference. He’s taped a phone call. He’s voluntarily testified under oath. He’s welcomed his day in Washington. He’s met privately with politicians. He’s prepared statistical arguments. He’s challenged the slightest of charges with evidence. He’s had his lawyers make all sorts of crazy comments.

He’s showed how you attempt to prove a negative, with a full-bore attack.

What’s so interesting to me, as a fan, is the parallels to Barry Bonds, with one major difference: Barry has been beloved and almost sheltered in his home town.… Click here to read the rest