Post-draft post-mortem

First 6 picks:

  1. ARod
  2. Pujols
  3. Reyes
  4. Wright
  5. Howard
  6. M.Cabrera

After that, no major surprises, except for Vlad jumping up into the first, being taken 8th, ahead of Johan, Utley, Beltran, Sizemore.

With a surprise, I got Soriano in the 2nd. Quite pleased. Great HR/SB mix, but he won’t help my OBP. This will be a theme, sadly. I had targeted one of Teix/Berkman/C.Lee in the 2nd, figuring Soriano would be gone. Except he wasn’t and Teix/Berkman were passed over for the speed/power allure. Possibly a mistake as I already had some speed on board.

In the 3rd, I was set, and I mean SET, on taking Adam Dunn, since most conventional rankings had him much lower than a 3rd rounder due to his low BA (we use OBP, boosting his value). Except the guy drafting before me took Dunn. Heartbreaking. I took Aramis Ramirez, a good 3B source of power (even though I drafted one of those in the 1st) but not an OBP hog.… Click here to read the rest