A good look in back at the Abreu trade

To blockquote THT’s blockquoting of Jayson Stark’s comments on the deal:

Now presenting the most lopsided deadline deal of this millennium: Abreu and Lidle for four guys the Yankees already have forgotten they ever employed …

…”I keep asking myself, ‘Is there something I don’t know about Bobby Abreu that they know?’ “ said a high-ranking official of a team that would have loved to add Abreu in a less complicated, dollar-signed world. “I’m just baffled that they could not get anything back for a guy this good. And they paid him $1.5 million to waive his no-trade clause. And they just tossed in Cory Lidle – tossed him in. I know for a fact there were teams that offered better prospects for Lidle alone. I don’t get it.”

Abreu’s review:

Abreu has been a bit of a success for the Yankees. His propensity to get on base for an offensively oriented Yankee team immediately upped their RBI opportunities. When he came across to New York in 2006 the Yankees and Red Sox were going toe to toe for the division.

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