A great gesture

What the Yanks did yesterday was a wonderful gesture, though the cynics among us will call it “calculated” or just a “media ploy”. The truth is, George Steinbrenner pledged $1M to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund shortly after the 32 students were assassinated just under a year ago. Part of his donation was also a request that the Yanks come and play a game on campus.

Whether or not having a pro club, forget that it’s the Yanks, come and play on campus will help with the healing at all is up for debate, but there’s no denying everyone involved in yesterday’s events were happy it took place.

She smiled. This is part of the reason why we’re here,” Jeter said. “It reminds me a little of Sept. 11, when we had an opportunity to visit a lot of families. People always ask how this helps, and I really don’t know. If it just makes people smile and enjoy themselves for the three hours we’re here, it’s all worthwhile.”

Here is a 9 picture photo album, including the photo to the right side here.

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Nothing to all the HGH claims, usage

This just smacks of some group of researchers getting paid by some company/lobby to conduct some half-assed tests just so they can publish a report that says “drugs are bad, m’kay“. As usual, emphasis mine.

While growth hormone adds some muscle, it doesn’t appear to improve strength or exercise capacity, according to a review of studies that tested the hormone in mostly athletic young men. “It doesn’t look like it helps and there’s a hint of evidence it may worsen athletic performance,” said Dr. Hau Liu, of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, Calif., who was lead author of the review.

Then this little tucked away tidbit:
But the new research has some limitations and sheds no light on long-term use of HGH. The scientists note their analysis included few studies that measured performance. The tests also probably don’t reflect the dose and frequency practiced by athletes illegally using the hormone. Experiments like that aren’t likely to be conducted.

The end of the article had this pearl:

Dr. Alan Rogol of the University of Virginia and the Indiana University School of Medicine, said the work was a good review but had to rely on inadequate research. “There are just tons of things we don’t know,” said Rogol.

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The End is Near

Between work and staying tuned into the Bear Stearns collapse/Wall Street impending melt-down, I won’t have much time to punch up some additional posts today. Unless, of course, there’s something, you know, um, interesting happening. I’m easily distracted.

I hope none of you bought any Bear Stearns recently. Lehman, too.

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Fantasy tidbit: Why to let others draft SP first

A stats-free fantasy baseball draft tidbit for you, reminding you why you let someone else pay for pitching in the first few rounds: They are both fragile and unpredictable. Within the last two weeks, we’ve seen injuries to three aces, many of whom were typically drafted in the first 6 rounds.

And then there’s the “rest” of the pitchers:

And just because we’re discussing pitchers and their injuries, here’s a great graphic/explanation about Tommy John Surgery. If the link doesn’t work right (it’s a pop-up flash file), go here and check for the link on the right-hand side called “How the Tommy John surgery works”. Continue reading Fantasy tidbit: Why to let others draft SP first

When Spring Training injuries strike

First, we had the nasty Felix Pie twisted testicle incident. And if that wasn’t cringe-worthy enough…

(wait for it)
Houston Astros second baseman Kazuo Matsui will undergo surgery to repair an anal fissure on Monday in Houston

Cue that horrible screaming noice now.
If you’re really curious about his “issue”, go here and read up on it.

I’m now sorry I did, but maybe you’re more interested in finding out how someone tore himself a new asscrack. Have fun.

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Friday fun: Mickey Mantle

With a tip of the cap to my Pop, some fun stuff about Mickey Mantle, his hero, inspired by Billy Crystal’s at bat yesterday.

1. 734 ft. • 5/22/63, vs. Kansas City, at Yankee Stadium, Pitcher: Bill Fischer
2. 660 ft. • 3/26/51, vs. USC, at Bovard Field, USC, Pitcher: Unknown
3. 650 ft. • 6/11/53, vs. Detroit, at Briggs Stadium, Pitcher: Art Houteman
4. 643 ft. • 9/10/60, vs. Detroit, at Tiger Stadium, Pitcher: Paul Foytack
5. 630 ft. • 9/13/53, vs. Detroit, at Yankee Stadium, Pitcher: Billy Hoeft
6. 620 ft. • 5/30/56, vs. Washington, at Yankee Stadium, Pitcher: Pedro Ramos
7. 565 ft. • 4/17/53, vs. Washington, at Griffith Stadium, Pitcher: Chuck Stobbs
8. 550 ft. • 6/05/55, vs. Chi. White Sox, at Comiskey Park, Pitcher: Billy Pierce
9. 535 ft. • 7/06/53, vs. Philadelphia A’s, at Connie Mack Stadium, Pitcher: Frank Fanovich
10. 530 ft. • 4/24/53, vs. St. Louis Browns, at Busch Stadium, Pitcher: Bob Cain

I’ll also try putting a picture of a great letter/response below (off-color warning):

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Great moments in Minor League ballpark promotions

With the hue and cry still raining down about now-former Governor Spitzer’s, um, indiscretions, we get this:

A Georgia minor league team is hoping to turn Eliot Spitzer’s scandal into a packed stadium.

The Macon Music is capitalizing on the outgoing New York governor’s prostitution-related downfall, by serving up a “Eliot Spitzer Night.” The man once known as “Mr. Clean” is invited to throw out the first pitch at the June 13th game, although he hasn’t RSVP’d.

A South Coast League official says anybody named Eliot, Spitzer or Kristen, the alleged call girl, will get $1 off admission. The team also plans to give out a one-night stay at Washington, D.C.’s swanky Mayflower hotel, where Spitzer’s alleged misdeeds are said to have happened.

And since Spitzer was described as “Client No. 9” in FBI documents, the ninth fan will get a prize. So will the 871st fan to buy a ticket, because that’s supposed to have been Spitzer’s Mayflower Hotel room number.

Amazing. Not to mention that the team name is Macon Music. I woulda figured they change their team name during “Spitzer night” to Macon Whoopie. I’ll be here all week, try the veal and don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

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