Latest high school rage: Tommy John surgery?

I’m a bit slow, I guess, but some things I find confusing:

  1. Generations ago, kids played ball all the time (fewer other distractions)
  2. Generations ago, pro pitchers pitched every fourth day, not every fifth like today
  3. Generations ago, pitchers routinely went the distance in games, or at least approached each start as if they planned on finishing the game.
  4. Generations ago, medicine, training, education about arm health were rudimentary, at best.
  5. Today, fewer kids play baseball (more options)
  6. Today, fewer kids play baseball all the time (again more choices)
  7. Today, kids as young as 8 are on pitch counts (I know this first hand)
  8. Today, pro pitchers take the hill every 5th day, at best.
  9. Today, pitchers rarely go the distance, expecting to last six, maybe seven, innings before handing the ball off to a middle reliever or two, for an inning or so each, before handing the ball off to a closer.
  10. Today, medical knowledges and advancements are saving arms and careers.
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