Productivity buster alert

This is a put-down-the-pencil, step-away-from-the-spreadsheet read. Or print it out and bring it with you when you hit the, um, library, as the admin in my Dad’s old office would tell me where he was when not at his desk or at an appointment. Or the perfect read over a lunch break, as I just found out.

We all know Jose Canseco is a walking, talking caricature, but this doozy by Pat Jordan totally puts it all into perspective, with a tidy little bow.

Here are just a few, since I could simply blockquote the whole thing, it’s that good of a read. Warning: contains profanity:

All those needles and vials of performance enhancing drugs around the house which his woman of the moment must learn to differentiate, winstrol from deca-durabolin from HGH, and then draw the proper amount of fluid into each syringe and inject that needle and its fluid into Jose’s buttocks. All those variations of his moods from steroid-fueled anger to steroid-withdrawal depression.
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