The Delicate Sound of THUD

So let’s review where the Yanks are, now that we are past the quarter-pole:

  1. Posada remains on the shelf and Molina, a solid defensive catcher, can’t hit his weight. When Posada returns, will he be able to throw or will he be relegated to DH? If so, which of the OF loses time?
  2. Jeter took one flush on the wrist. Thankfully x-rays are negative but it didn’t look good and sounded worse. He might not be perfect but he still comes to play night in, night out.
  3. ARod is back but sort of galloped to first in his first AB. Not the long gait we are used to seeing.
  4. Giambi is sporting a moustache, and an ugly one at that. I guess it’s better than a wearing a gold lamb, tiger-stripe thong. He’s not hitting his weight, either.
  5. Cano might be hitting his weight, but barely. Still just above .200
  6. Damon, who was off to a nice start in April, has gone ice cold.
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