An Interview with Darrell Rasner

Following my interview with agent Matt Sosnick, I asked Matt if it would be OK to interview one of his players. Being in New York and sucker for the low-down from one of the less-heralded players, I checked if the Yanks Darrell Rasner would be amenable. I was able to send Darrell a list of questions and he was kind enough to answer such topics as dealing with adversity, Metallica, his training regimen, Joe Girardi, and providing us with a player’s view inside the lockerroom. Oh yeah, and being appreciative for being paid to play this game.

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Sexism, stupidity and the Mets


(as reported by Justin Rodriguez from the Times Herald-Record)

Earlier today, one of my colleagues, staff writer Mira Wassef, a hard-working and conscientious reporter, went to Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill to interview Davis. Brooklyn, the Mets’ Class A New York-Penn League affiliate, is in town to play the Renegades.

According to Mira, and I totally believe her, once she walked into the Brooklyn clubhouse, several players began whistling at her and making cat calls. She was unnerved to say the very least. You think the Mets look bad on the field? Well, check out this group of chumps. The performance by the Cyclones was pathetic. A disgrace.

Then came Davis, the Mets’ first round pick (18th overall) in the draft earlier this month out of Arizona State. Mira asked for Davis and, sitting in the clubhouse, he raised his hand. Mira asked if Davis had a few minutes to talk for an interview.

His reply?

I’m not playing tonight, sweetheart. We don’t have anything to talk about.”

Sweetheart? Apparently, Davis, who signed for $1.5 million yesterday, thinks he’s still on campus or something. He’s not.

M-E-T-S, Let’s go Me-…blech…

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Take this job and shove it

Hard to believe a player actually did this, but this happened last night:

Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon was suspended indefinitely by the team Wednesday for insubordination after reportedly grabbing general manager Ed Wade by the neck and throwing him to the ground.

Now, Chacon’s recounting of the story seems to indicate that Wade was overly aggressive, but he’s the GM, the boss and he has a right to expect a player listen to his requests.

What I found so pathetic was Chacon’s attempt at regret:

Maybe it shouldn’t have happened,” Chacon said. “But when you do those things and you’re yelling at somebody and you’re cussing you better know what type of person you’re dealing with. If there’s any regret, I just wish they had just let me alone. I wish they had left me alone.

That’s like saying you’re only sorry you got caught. Chacon, consider yourself banished. Any GM who picks him up clearly has no sense of fraternity.

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Endangered Species: The Complete Game

Not that I think this is the way to get to a desired outcome, but it’s an interesting approach:

The Brewers will try something new at one affiliate to find the middle ground. Beginning this week at Class A Brevard County, relievers will start games before turning it over to the “starters” in the third or the fourth.

By starting the starter later in games, the Brewers hope their young players develop a “nine-inning mindset” by the time they reach the Majors.

The idea of using relievers in the early innings has been pushed for some time by Brewers general manager Doug Melvin, and was also endorsed several years ago when the Brewers gathered their organizational pitching coaches and medical people for a symposium.

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