Don't mess with Jerry Manuel

Note to all Mets personnel: Do NOT mess with Jerry Manuel. He’s a bad dude. Gangster, in fact.

Manuel met resistance from a helmet-tossing Jose Reyes on Tuesday night, when the shortstop’s left hamstring tightened and he didn’t want to leave the game. Reyes eventually headed for the showers, and shortly afterward apologized to Manuel for the well-intentioned insubordination.

I told him next time he does that I’m going to get my blade out and cut him. I’m a gangster. You go gangster on me, I’m going to have to get you. You do that again, I’m going to cut you right on the field,” quipped Manuel, who reinserted Reyes at shortstop and the leadoff spot for last night’s series finale against the Angels.

Well, that’s certainly a different approach than Willie’s Torre-esque stoicism. Most pundits said Manuel’s style is too similar to Willie’s style and the team was looking for a spark, someone who’d give the team a kick in the rear. Maybe Manuel IS that guy. Or just playing the role…

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Stupid Yankee decisions du jour

I’ll make this quick since I do want to escape the office, but my fellow bloggers alerted me to two lousy decisions the Yanks made today:

Ponson? What, his 10+ ERA last year just makes you drool? So what if he was having a decent year in Texas, prior to getting cut for behavior unbecomming a teammate…. I feel dirty.

And the link from Emma Span’s Eephus Pitch is priceless…. The Yanks are putting a @#$%^& Hard Rock Cafe in TNYS. Seriously, a Hard Rock? Just a terrible decision. I’ll try not to get all food snobbish on you, but putting a Hard Rock in Yankee Stadium, when you have so many better options, just sucks. If you have to put a chain in, put a Houston’s or something else. Shoot, why not just put a Linens ‘N Things in the Bleachers and a Christmas Tree Shops in the bullpen and we can call the Stadium “The Great American StripMallPark“.

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Bud is damn pleased with himself

In an interview, Bud announced that he’s quite pleased with himself (emphasis mine):

Q: You have always referred to yourself as a purist. Are you on board with the momentum toward instant replay? How much of a role should it play in your mind?

A: Well, I don’t know. The GMs voted 25-5. I guess the only thing I would say if we do it — and I’ve made no decisions, because I’ll agonize over that — it will be a most limited way. I know other sports are using IR and I have different thoughts on that. I am a purist, but I’m the same purist that went to interleague play and the wild card. I took a terrible pounding for that; now everybody loves it. Those who were critics forgot they were critics. And there is revenue sharing, so I’m probably the greatest agent of change in baseball history , but I don’t want to tamper with the game. I’m sensitive about that. If there’s something I’m convinced will help the game, I’ll do it, but I haven’t quite gotten to that area yet.

Now, I think he happens to be right about that claim, but it was just interesting to hear it come directly from him.

Revenue sharing has changed the economics of the game more than anyone could have predicted. It’s rare that a top player actually hits free agency these days, with so many players getting locked up earlier and longer than ever. Teams are buying out free agent years early to get the valued “cost certainty”.

The wildcard is a profound success, period.

Interleague remains oft-debated, but the attendance figures don’t lie. People dig it. Hank hates it. I’m OK with it, but I could easily live without it.

I still hate the changes (and lack of changes) in the All Star game. If I were Commish for a day, I’d do the following about the All Star Game:

  • Eliminate the World Series home field advantage gimmick. PERIOD.
  • Eliminate mandatory representation by every club. It was one thing when there just twenty-something teams, but with 32, too many inferior players are being named at the expense of more qualified players. OR:
  • Expand the roster sizes to accomodate the expansion in the number of teams. If you do this, you can keep mandatory representation. Open the rosters to 35 and eliminate the handwringing.

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The "new" Bud

Seems that Selig has undergone a makeover. No longer the schlubby, haphazard, nutty-professor look. He’s now sporting the Corporate Baron ‘do/look. Was he on “Queer Eye”? “What Not To Wear”? “Extreme Makeover”? “10 Years Younger”? “Stylish Executive Hairdo’s for 2008”?

Seems that he found the miracle of Aquanet or some other grease.



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One final Willie thought

Was reading Buster’s blog earlier and this just jumped out at me and smacked me in the face (emphasis mine):

It was a Mets’ bloodbath in the New York papers today for the team, in the aftermath of the strange press conference of Omar Minaya, in which he said he made the decision to fire Willie Randolph Monday morning — despite the fact that everything down to the identity of the replacement coaches had been in the papers and on Web sites beginning on Friday. Randolph told Bill Rhoden he has his doubts about whether it was Minaya’s call. Randolph also had a very different take on what his conversation with Minaya was on Sunday evening, before he got on the team bus:

I actually asked him,” Randolph said, “I said: ‘Omar, do this now. If you’re going to do this, do this now. I know you’ve got a lot of pressure on you, but if I’m not the guy to lead this team, then don’t let me get on this plane.’ I did say that to him.”

How on Earth could Minaya let Willie get on the plane after Willie said that to him? The only rational answer is that the Wilpon’s pushed Minaya to do it… but even still, why did Minaya let Willie get on the plane? Why?

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Wednesday programming note

Was at Radio City Music Hall last night, attending a speech/Q&A by former President Bill Clinton, so I didn’t see a pitch of any game. I’m trying to get caught up on the night I missed.

Whatever your political leanings, it’s easy to see why Clinton was so popular. He’s an amazing speaker, engaging, and charasmatic. I was completely riveted. I found it amazing what he’s been able to do since leaving office. His Foundation has been a champion of health-care related activities around the world that is nothing short of incredible.

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I need your vote

The whole Mets shamockery had me thinking: How much does Johan regret signing the long term deal? (I know the trade would never have happened without him signing but allow me to wonder what if for a moment).

That being said, there’s poll to the upper lefthand side of this site and I’m hoping you take 3 seconds to vote.

The question is: Who will win more playoff games over the next 7 years (the life of Johan’s contract): Mets or Twins?

This gets the the whole issue of the Mets wafer-thin farm system, the advancing age of their core, the ineptitude of ownership/leadership, etc., relative to the creative thinkers who manage to reinvent the Twins every few years. Can the Mets cash (remember that new stadium!) overcome?

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It's NOT all about the Yanks, Hank

Oh lord. How do Yanks fans like me even begin to defend this? We can’t. We have to suck it up as if WE PERSONALLY uttered this nonsense. Hank’s an embarrassment. From the 1800’s? HUH? Try 1972, numbnuts.

Talking like HIS TEAM (the Yanks) is the only one to have their pitchers running, or somehow HIS players are worth more than anyone else’s makes him look like an even bigger, pompous jackass than he probably already is.

To anyone daring to read this: We all do not feel this way. We KNOW stuff happens. We hate that Wang got hurt. It sickens me. But we know it’s part of the game.

But just know that nearly all the Yanks fans I know look at Hank as a pathetic caricature of his father and don’t take his proclamations and utterances seriously. The dialogue of a mad man.

Hank, just shut up. Please. And grow up, please.

I’m officially angry.

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