Quick! To the Matt phone

An hour or so later, I get a call from a California area code and it’s none other than Matt Sosnick himself. The subject of Jerry Crasnick’s “License To Deal“. I’m giddy. I wasn’t sure if he was calling to complain or calling me to discuss the situation or what.

Matt was calling to thank me for my posting and support in the face of his abrupt and baseless firing. He doesn’t so much care about his public perception, like any good agent, but the rationale and timing about his dismissal clearly bothered him and his partner, Paul Cobbe. The Sosnick-Cobbe firm has a handsome list of MLB players, but is really just a smaller player in the agent business so a loss of a guy like Hamilton (and his pending commissions) hurts not just on a professional level, but a personal one, too. Maybe moreso.

As I mentioned in the posting:

I was taken aback and insulted that he’d switch his agent, one who presumably stuck with him and helped him to get this far, right as he’s about to hit the lottery for himself (and his agent!).

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