Signability = It's About The Money, Stupid

Note, each site raves about this kid’s “stuff” but why on earth did he fall to #28? SIGNABILITY. What’s that, you ask? (OK, I know you know but I had say that) It means he’s being represented by Boras and is demanding a signing bonus/pro contract worthy of someone being drafted in the top few picks. It’s also another example how badly flawed the draft process is for MLB. Now, as a fan of a team who routinely drafts 1) at the bottom of the round and 2) has no problem paying over “slot”, I’m uncomfortably happy. But, that doesn’t diminish the fact that the draft needs a few changes.

There’s a whole lot more to the draft that I don’t know about, but here are a few simple ideas that I think MLB needs to at least consider:

  1. Enable the trading of draft picks
  2. Enforce slotting recommendations or eliminate them
  3. Include foreign players (Central, South America; Caribbean)
Isn’t the point of the draft to help the worst teams first, then the better teams?
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