Have I mentioned: I hate Kyle Farnsworth

Maybe I’ve said it before. A time or two, right? Just in case you forgot: I hate Kyle Farnsworth. Bigtime. He’s doing his best to botch the key role he was brought in to do a few years ago, but has yet to do: hold down the 8th inning role. Now, with Joba moving to the rotation, the Yanks need Farnsworthless to step up and all he continues to do is step back.

UPDATE: Every now and then, I take a peek around the Statcounter “keyword analysis” to see how some of you guys find me, if not from a link elsewhere. Right now, the number one search criteria (over the last 2 weeks or so) that brought you guys here is “I hate Kyle Farnsworth“. Congrats, guys. There’s lotsa room in the pool, c’mon in! Oh yeah, there was one who searched “kyle farnsworth sucks”, too. Feel free to identify yourselves!

As a result of this well-dispersed dislike for Farnsworthless, I created the following group on Yahoo! Groups: I Hate Kyle Farnsworth. Please come and join.

Group name: ihatekylefarnsworth
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The difference a few years makes

This day in baseball history:

1999 – In the first-year player’s draft, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays selected North Carolina State University prep star Josh Hamilton as their top pick. It was the first time since 1993, when Alex Rodriguez was selected, that a high school player has been chosen first.

What Josh Hamilton has gone thru is nothing short of staggering. From “best prospect ever” to coke addiction to leading the AL in nearly everything. Ponder this from Albert Chen’s cover story on Hamilton from this past week’s issue of SI.com:

When did he hit rock bottom? Hamilton thinks about this for a moment. So many low points to choose from. No, it wasn’t the time the check he made out to a crack dealer bounced and he had to ask his father-in-law to go and give the dealer $2,000 cash. No, it wasn’t the time after a party when he ripped the rearview mirror off a friend’s truck, punched out the windshield and was thrown in jail. No, rock bottom, he says, was the night in the late summer of 2005 when he awoke from a crack binge in a trailer with a half-dozen strangers around him; with nowhere else to go, he appeared like a ghost at his grandmother’s door — his sunken face as white as snow, his 6′ 4″ frame shrunk from 230 pounds to 180. “He’d be at the lowest of lows,” says [father-in-law] Chadwick, “and he’d sink lower.”

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