The difference a few years makes

So where is Hamilton now? Let these numbers roll around your brain for a few moments (AL ONLY):

  • RBI: 63 (next highest in the AL: 48)
  • AVG: .328 (3rd place, behind .330, .329)
  • HR: 15 (leads AL)
  • Runs: 40 (4th place; 47 leads)
  • Total Bases: 144 (2nd place has a mere 111!)
So not only is he well in the hunt for the Triple Crown, but he’s blowing away the field in total bases and is close to Hack Wilson’s RBI pace.

Not too bad for a recovering addict who was out of organized baseball for two full years. Let the following be posted in every lockerroom, in every school, stadium, fieldhouse:
When I first got into drinking and using drugs,” he says, “it was because of where I was hanging out, it was who I was hanging out with. You might not do it at first, but eventually, if you keep hanging around long enough, you’re going to start doing what they’re doing.”

UPDATE: Just found this here (thanks to John Heyman’s excellent “Daily Scoop; check the “Around the Majors” section) and I am not sure what to make of it.… Click here to read the rest