Manny’s a Dodger and I couldn’t be happier.

Jason Bay is a fine ballplayer, a great guy to root for. He plays hard, plays the right way. Boston should love this guy. But, as an opponent, I am thrilled. Like Drew, Bay isn’t a guy you have to completely fear or gameplan around. Solid guys but not game-changers.

Wonder what’s gonna happen to Andruw Jones, Pierre, etc.??? What a logjam in the OF! I bet Manny thinks he’ll play DH.

Kurkjian just said that Boston was afraid that Manny wouldn’t play the rest of the year, therefore they made this deal happen. Looks like we were headed for “Operation Shutdown, Part II“. That woulda been fun.

Sox gave up a lot to dump Manny. Craig Hansen, Brandon Moss and Manny… just to get Jason Bay for a year and a half. Seems pricey, but I know they must be using the old “addition by subtraction” mantra. Continue reading Wow

Coming soon: Operation Shutdown, part II

So, with the word that the whopper Manny to Miami via Pittsburgh deal is dead, will Manny channel his inner Derek Bell and commence “Operation Shutdown“, part II?

It wasn’t so long ago (just 2006) when, following a 5 game sweep at home at the hands of the Yanks in mid-August, that Manny essentially shut it down despite pleadings from Papi to keep playing.

How on Earth does Manny return to that team, that dugout, that ownership, that front office? We all know Manny could care less what they think but will he realize that he needs to perform to earn that big multi-year deal that he wants (as he turns 37)?

Then again, if I were Theo and these were indeed the requirements to deal Manny, I’d hold onto him, too:

ESPN’s Peter Gammons was told by a source close to the negotiations Florida reportedly asked Boston for a cash outlay beyond the $7 million to cover Ramirez’s contract in addition to two prospects. That would essentially add up to the Red Sox trading Ramirez, $9 million and two prospects for Pittsburgh’s Jason Bay.

What’s wrong with Florida? Why so greedy? They’re getting Manny, some prospects and a chance to leap the Mets/Phillies. But $7M wasn’t enough? If that’s the straw that broke the deal, then shame on them. It’s not dissimilar to the Sox falling a few bucks short in trying to acquire ARod (and Manny was included in that proposed deal, too).

Ehhhh, it’s been as fun a Trade Deadline season as I can remember, Manny or not. But I sure am looking foward to seeing “Operation Shutdown, Part II”.
At the end of the day you’re taking the field with a guy who doesn’t want to play with you, doesn’t want to be there, doesn’t want to … obviously effort-wise is just not there and that’s disheartening and disappointing,” Schilling said during his weekly appearance on Boston sports radio WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan program.

Does he think it’s time for Manny to go?

Would I be the only guy in the New England area that said no if I did?” Schilling replied to the question. “I think I’m probably with the consensus. It’s very obvious from anything you see or hear he doesn’t want to be here. And anytime that there’s a piece of the equation you have a problem, and then not trading and leaving him here is a problem because you don’t know what you’re going to get.

Schilling was asked if he was insulted by Manny’s “the Red Sox don’t deserve a player like me” comment.

I was here for the end of both Pedro [Martinez] and Nomar’s [Garciaparra] situation and I’m not sure how there’s any parallels there,” Schilling said. “… I’ve always felt the organization extended a lot of courtesy Manny’s way and I know Terry [Francona] as a manager, like with everybody else he went that extra mile for Manny. It’s disappointing to see that not get recognized, but that happens.
I would absolutely agree that it’s affected this team. I don’t question it. I’ve been around when it did before in ’06. These are your teammates and it just makes it hard when every question, you’re struggling in a 1-for-14 and grinding your [expletive] off at the plate and every question is about something that you have absolutely no control over…

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Faith in Cashman restored. Well, almost

Let’s recap the last week-plus in Yankee-dom:

Ya know, if not for the mere presence of Ponson on the roster, my faith in Cashman would be totally restored. You DO realize, we have more influence than we ever thought. We got Farnsy traded, we can get rid of Ponson, too!!!

If you want some fun Detroit reactions/complaining/griping, check here. Especially the comments. They are not happy about the Pudge/Farnsworth trade. Not even a little.

What more can I say, I am pretty pleased with the events post-All Star break. It’s going to be a fun stretch run.

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Farewell to Farnsworth

So the (former) object of my disdain is gone.

Ironically, Farnsworth has been pitching damn well lately. Figures.

Just watched the interview with Farnsworth and you can tell there had been tears shed. He clearly wanted to stay and prove himself.

But, this is a trade the Yanks had to make. Getting Pudge is huge, considering the financial tail is short. The only concern that I have is if the Yanks offer him arbitration, will he accept? If he does, then what? If not, we get those draft picks. I love the deal.

But, who will catch for Detroit? Will Farnsworth close?

More later, but I’m on deadline! Continue reading Farewell to Farnsworth

Manny's doggin' it

From Buster:

By the way: Manny Ramirez’s time running to first base on a chopper hit down the third-base line in the seventh inning of John Lackey’s no-hitter was 5.25 seconds — faster than the six seconds it took him to get to first on the back end of a double-play groundout Monday. To put those times in perspective, five seconds is considered glacial by baseball scouts. With his team eight outs away from being no-hit, the guy dogged it running to first.

So as the Red Sox look for some creative way to make a Ramirez deal, they must consider these questions: Will Ramirez simply lay down in the last two months of his contract, now that he knows he’s not coming back to the Red Sox? And will he be a daily problem that will distract from the larger concern of winning ballgames?

If the answers to these questions are yes, they should dump him.

More serious allegations about Manny tanking. I wonder what the heck Manny is thinking (doesn’t everyone?) as surely other prospective teams see this and have gotta be concerned. He’s going to be 37. Do you see him getting better? Faster? More team-focused?

Me either.

He’s becoming Roger Dorn.

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Gammons gets it!

Gammons declares it’s “all about the money” with Manny!!! If Gammons has turned on Manny, the rest of the RSN probably has, too.

Manny being Manny means Manny wanting money. He doesn’t want to wait for the Red Sox to exercise the right he gave them for the first $168M, the right to decide at the end of the season whether to pick up his option for 2009 at $20M. The Red Sox fulfilled their end of the contract; now he doesn’t want to fulfill his obligation, the same way he watched his teammates fade in 2006.

He knows that this winter — when he’s 36, turning 37 next May — he has a better chance of scoring the four-year, $100M deal he has told teammates he can get than he will after the 2010 season, when he’ll be 38 turning 39. He doesn’t want to have to sweat for two years at a measly $20M, and everyone knows that he couldn’t care less how he gets that $100M, even if it means sitting out and leaving “family” fighting it out without him.

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Dear Sidney

Dear Sidney,

I had a good night’s sleep after my mini-rant last night, a rant that was a day late and many, many days overdue. Most of the times that I complain about a player, it’s solely about their on-the-field performance. But with you, Sir Sidney, it’s both on-the-field and off. You’ve proved to many teams that you are not only an established mediocraty but also an exceptional headache to teammates.

I think it’s quite a testament to baseball’s need for a breathing body and rubber arm that you remain employed by a MLB club, no less than one with October aspirations. For some reason, GM’s keep hiring you, despite the facts. I’ll pass on the drinking issues, bar brawls and punching a judge on the beach. I’ll even pass on the being a crappy teammate stuff, for now.

In closing, I hope Cashman wakes up from a post-Nady/Marte haze and realizes that you, Fat Sid, are really a bad starter for a team that needs more than that. I hope you find employment somewhere, preferably in Nepal, though perhaps you can be commissioned to China to help suck up some of that smog. Or just leave quietly.

Jason @ IIATMS

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