Hamilton revisited

I’ve written a bunch about Hamilton (and his former agent Matt Sosnick) recently. In light of Hamilton’s otherworldly performance, here are some of those links.

Also, I was at a concert last night and didn’t see a swing of the whole thing, so I can’t add much to what’s already been written. If you want a good POV on the whole thing, check out Shysterball.

Hamilton-related links:

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Sad state of ticket costs

Amen, Phil Munchnick, amen. I’ve griped about this for a while but it’s great to see such great coverage by a major outlet.

It’s new ballpark gentrification: Throw out or move the moderately wealthy and replace them with the indiscriminate stinking rich and corporate buys. So long, folks, and thanks for all you’ve done for us all these years, you suckers. Arrive home safely and don’t come back.

The staggering price of tickets the Yanks and Mets will charge next year is the kind of story that’s not easily ignored, unless you try very hard – or simply don’t care because it’s not your misfortune.

This is the real cost of the new ballparks in Queens and the Bronx. The regular Joes and Janes won’t be able to take a family of four there for under a few hundred dollars, unless they get lucky enough to get them from work or a very wealthy friend. And if you want good seats, fuhgeddaboutit. You gotta know a guy who knows a guy, ya know.

I’ll tell ya, I’m not looking to buy tickets for next year. If I get them from a Wall Street friend, great. Otherwise, we’ll just watch them on the big flat screen I invested in rather than hand over that cash to Lonn Trost & Co.

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Hank on Hank

I just want to win. That’s all I give a crap about, is winning. And that’s all I want my players to care about. I’m like my dad in that respect, I guess. But I’m more patient than he was. That’s for sure.”
Hank Steinbrenner, July 10, 2008
Well, we’ll see, won’t we? Hard to read it without coming away thinking this guy has a singluar focus but a warped sense of entitlement. It IS good for all of MLB when the Yanks are doing well, from a financial point of view, but sometimes Hank, it’s better to leave that unsaid. It just comes across as a condescending bully.

Anyways, here’s some of the lyrical stylings of Hank…

Hank on the Torre “situation”:

Despite what people think, or were misled to believe, I wasn’t real sure about making a change,” he says. “There was one point early in the season where I considered extending Torre’s contract because there was so much speculation in the press.

“In the end,” Steinbrenner says, “it was time for change.

Hank on the Rays and their fans:

There’s a lot of excitement around here from the Rays fans, but almost to a point of arrogance,” he says. “They better be careful. They’ll learn this (expletive) can change real quick.

The Yankees have been subsidizing the Rays and other teams with their revenue-sharing and luxury-tax payments, Steinbrenner says, so they should be thanking the Yankees.

People in baseball know it, whether they want to admit it or not,” Steinbrenner says. “It helps everyone when the Yankees are good. The Red Sox, whether they’re good or not, doesn’t necessarily matter, nationally. Let’s face it: The Yankees are baseball history. You’re talking about 26 championships.”

Hank on TNYS:

It’s beautiful,” Hank says. “It actually looks more like the old Yankee Stadium from the outside, and has a more classic feel, than the present one. You’ve got to remember, we renovated Yankee Stadium in ’74 and ’75. So like Yogi (Berra) says, it really isn’t there anymore, anyways.”

Hank on The Boss:
I’m not my father

Hank on his legacy:

I’m not worried about developing a legacy

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