Parents suck

I have an 8 year old who played in an 8/9 year old league last year. At times, he was incredibly overmatched by the 9 year olds, and even a few 8 year olds who were much further ahead physically. There was one boy, my son’s age, nearly a foot taller and probably 20 lbs heavier. The kid could also really play. He hit great, pitched well. And kids knew he’d probably strike out most players. And never once did anyone even comprehend mandating that this boy couldn’t play. In fact, he stuck one in my son’s ribs. It happens. It never entered my head that this boy shouldn’t be allowed to play. I only thought that my son needs to flinch/duck faster!

That the New Haven league in question above would bring in an attorney to this situation is just pathetic and goes to show how parents suck. Just let the kids play. If a kid, in any sport, any gender, can excel, let them excel so long as it’s done within the rules of the league.…

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Reader mailbag: Delusional Yankee fans

His plan on fixing the Yanks for 2009:

OK I’m a Yankee Hater and I know Joe Orange . So here is how you really fix the Yanks.

1. Make a strong run at both C.C. Sabathia age 28 and Ben Sheets 30 hope to get both settle for one. They appear to be working well together in Milwaukee.

2. Sign Adam Dunn RF/1B age 29 he would be a monster in Yankee Stadium.

3. Resign both as long as the price is right Ponson and Mussina. I know this will drive the bronx fans crazy seeing Ponson come back but he is performing well and that all that matters.(side note why do Yankees fans Love Mussina and hate ponson. Do they forget that Mussina was getting run out of town and the end of last season?)

4. Move Joba back to the pen less innings =possible healthy Joba. 12 starts and 3 or 4 of those while they were switching from pen to starter already hurt .…

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