The party's over

The road to disappointment is paved with a thousand if’s. The Yanks have plenty of what if’s to ponder. Here are a few of mine, feel free to add your own.

What if…

  • Wang didn’t get hurt
  • Posada didn’t get hurt
  • Hughes didn’t get hurt
  • Matsui didn’t get hurt
  • Joba didn’t get hurt
  • Damon didn’t get hurt and could still throw the ball (not a 16-hopper to 2B)
  • Cano didn’t regress so badly
  • Cano gave max effort all the time
  • Melky didn’t get exposed as merely a 4th outfielder rather than a starting CF for a contending team
  • Abreu showed any fire (yeah, I know it’s not his style) and could catch a ball near the fence
  • Hughes and Kennedy combined for more than 0 wins. ZERO?!?
  • Giambi was able to show some semblance of consistency
  • Ponson was merely the answer to a bad trivia question, rather than our nominal #3 right now
  • Dan Geise wasn’t needed to help keep a rotation afloat
  • Rasner didn’t turn into a pumpkin so quickly
  • Jeter didn’t look so old at the plate
  • ARod didn’t chase every ball that was low and away
  • Pettitte didn’t look so hittable
  • Justin Christian wasn’t your starting LF in a critical game against the team just in front of you for the wildcard
  • Moose hadn’t found the Fountain of Youth

Buddy Shysterball noted it today in his always excellent “And That Happened“:

Yesterday morning I read a story in one of the New York tabloids — not unlike stories I’ve read in the New York tabloids for the past, oh, six or seven years — in which some putatively ballsy New York writer tells Yankees fans how it really is: the Bombers are no longer the class of the league.
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Jeter's down year, not down career

I also know Jeter’s range is bad. This isn’t new and I’ve commented on it many, many times, even wondering how soon Jeter will be forced from SS. I just wonder how that transition will go, but we can table that for another day. Even Gammons noted Jeter’s poor defensive ratings yesterday (emphasis mine).

One NL team’s defensive statistics, scouting and ratings have John McDonald of the Blue Jays as the best defensive shortstop in the majors. No surprise. They have Boston’s Jed Lowrie at No. 5 among the 62 ranked shortstops, even if his sample is small. Derek Jeter and Jose Reyes, who is still working out mechanical start issues, are in the 40s, among the 62 shortstops. Edgar Renteria and Jeff Keppinger are among the bottom 5.

Feinsand (and I) understand the criticisms lobbed at Jeter this year. I understand the criticisms lobbed on him every year (no real power, bad D, over-rated overall game).… Click here to read the rest