Book Review: "Remembering Yankee Stadium"

The opening picture is Larson with the perfect game scoreboard behind him. Turn the page and it’s Maris. Then Gehrig at his speech, wiping his eyes.

With a forward by the Voice of God, Bob Sheppard, the book gets off to a nice pace.
“Where else could I have viewed the transformation of Yankee fans from the jacket-and-tie cognoscenti of the 1950’s to today’s bleacher creatures?”

The book is organized by decade, starting with the Twenties. The Yanks won their first World Series in 1923, the year the Stadium was opened. The history of building of the Stadium is captivating. When the Yanks decided that they’d move from the Polo Grounds to a new stadium to be built in the Bronx, John McGraw, then manager of the Giants quipped:

“They are going up to Goatville. And before long they will be lost sight of. A New York team should be based on Manhattan Island.”

What I enjoyed was seeing the pictures not only of the construction, but also how truly farm-like the surrounding areas were.… Click here to read the rest