Reader mailbag: Tadthebad reflects on 9/11

I was working at a Superfund Site on an Air National Guard Base when it happened. If you remember, jets from Cape Cod’s Otis Air National Guard Base were the first dispatched to assess the scene along the southern tip of Manhattan. I remember hearing those jets roar off the runway into the sky, but didn’t give them a second thought…I was on an air base after all, it was part of the routine.

My instructed function that day was rather useless: observe and document a pair of “cowboy” electrical contractors as they removed a concrete support within a groundwater treatment plant. Bigger pumps were proposed to be installed, and therefore the supports for these pumps had to be brought up to code. This was life at a federal government operation, covering your ass six ways from Sunday in case an unlikely earthquake hit and knocked a pump off its perch. As a drilling rig geologist used to scrambling to complete daily tasks, I was gleefully prepared for boredom.… Click here to read the rest