Belated: 10 years since #62

My apologies, yesterday got by me without a chance to post anything (other than the DePodesta interview) due to a crazy day at work.

I did want to at least recognize that it was 10 years ago since McGwire hit the historic #62. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. Yet, so much has changed. Nothing from back then can be looked at the same way any longer, which is a shame. It’d be nice to be able to look back at those accomplishments the same way we did back then. Oh well…

One of the highlights of that Sept. 8, besides getting an embrace from home run rival Sammy Sosa, who would finish with 66 homers, was McGwire picking up 10-year-old son Matt, who had come in from California for the weekend. Matt McGwire, an aspiring musician who likes “that Haight-Ashbury rock ‘n’ roll,” according to his father, will be 21 next July 4.
McGwire has two more boys with second wife Stephanie, whom he married in 2002. Max is nearly 6 years old and Mason is 4, “
and they really have no idea what I’ve done,” McGwire said. “They think I’m a golfer. That’s all they ever see me with is golf clubs. it’s going to be very enjoyable someday to sit back and tell them about this.”

So what do you think he will tell them? What will his answer be if they ask him “Dad, did you use steroids?” Don’t you wish he’d give us that same answer?

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You've lost that lovin' feelin'

Not to break out in a Cruise-esque rendition of The Righteous Brother’s song, but the scribes in Tampa/St. Pete are busting out the excuses:

Headline: Rays have lost fighting spirit

Understand, there is no shame in being caught from behind by the Red Sox.

Boston has the bigger payroll and the greater pedigree, and most of the world has probably assumed the defending World Series champions would eventually end up on top of the American League East.
Trust me, this is not a question of semantics. It matters whether the Red Sox take the division, or the Rays surrender it. And, as of this morning, the white flag is halfway up the pole.

Way to show that fighting spirit, guys. You haven’t yet lost the first place position and already you’ve given up. Is this team owned by France? And we should take this team/fanbase seriously?

C’mon, your team has been flat out awesome for over 5 months and at the first hint of adversity, you start whining about the Sox’s big payroll and pedigree? You don’t seem to mind the Yanks payroll that needs a telecope to check out your ever-tightening sphincter. You’re living down to your pedigree. Time to change the mentality and get fighting.

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Pujols to go under the knife

Seems that his elbow will finally be zippered open, but not until after the season.

Slugger Albert Pujols told a local television station on Monday that he may be leaning toward undergoing Tommy John ligament-replacement surgery on his right elbow after the season ends. The procedure typically sidelines a hitter for approximately six months.

As a big Pujols fan, I hope he can make a quick recovery to consider playing come early next season. He’s played all year with the partially torn ligament and has been typically majestic. Continue reading Pujols to go under the knife

IIATMS Exclusive: Paul DePodesta

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to get a few minutes of San Diego Padres Assistant General Manager Paul DePodesta’s time. I had emailed Paul before I visited San Diego and while he was busy at the time (with things like trading Greg Maddux!), he was generous enough to take some questions from me. As you’ve seen with some of my other interviews (click here for: Sosnick, Rasner), I’ve tried to dig into the day-to-day of a senior front office staff. Paul could not answer every question I sent over, but he answered enough for a good round of “20 Questions for Paul DePodesta“.

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Yankee Stadium tour

For those of you who have never been to the Stadium, and even for those of you who have, the Tour of the Stadium was pretty darn cool. Monument Park, walking along the warning track, into the dugout, into the locker room (no pix allowed!), then up to the press box. The kids had a great time and so did I. Thankfully the storm held off long enough for us to get the full tour.

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Stark on Instant Replay

Jayson Stark from ESPN is a pretty out-of-the-box kinda guy. He loves triviality, wacky stuff. The “y” in his name shows him mom probably knew that from birth.

His article yesterday, in addition to the usual “around the league rumblings” about potential free agents and stuff, had his list of ways to EXPAND the use of IR. I know many of you (yes, looking squarely at you, Ron!) already find the use of IR as anathema. So cover your eyes if you already hate IR:

So what other ways could replay (or other technological gizmos) be applied? Here’s our list:
1. Fair or foul.
2. Trap or catch.
3. Correctly positioning runners after fan interference or an overturned call, and –
4. Sorry to be sacrilegious, but (gasp) even for selected out-safe calls on the bases.

To be fair, he suggests the use of one “challenge” on a safe/out calls per game. He notes that the managers would likely not waste those challenges early in games, only late when the game’s on the line. I’m not in favor of this idea, but I will reserve the right to keep an open mind.

To conclude, Stark noted Selig’s thoughts on the subject, relayed via an unnamed “official” (emphasis mine):

But will they view it that way? Not likely. So convincing the commish and the umpires to point the cameras at those out-safe calls is going to take time. We know that.

Bud is not there yet,” said an official of one club who has spoken with Selig. “But most clubs think this is just the beginning. Bud’s feeling is, ‘Let’s go slow and start from there. We can’t ask the umpires to accept it all too fast.’ But I bet, in the next bargaining agreement [with the umpires], this will be a big issue.”

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