Ideas to speed things up

Troy Renck from The Denver Post has a few brief ideas which do have some merit, within reason. And why he chooses to single out the Sox and Yanks is beyond me as there are plenty of teams who slow the pace.
Shorten the postseason. Eliminate off days. The quicker we get to the end of the book, the better. While you’re at it, throw in a daytime World Series game so people not living in California don’t have to set their alarm to see the final out.

Shorten the games. Seriously, can we start enforcing the time between at-bats, namely with the Red Sox and Yankees? These guys have routines between pitches with more gyrations than Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. If there’s no consequence for those two teams, there’s no way other players are going to abide by the pace-of-game rules.

Shorten the season. This has no chance of happening. But I wouldn’t mind a few regularly-scheduled doubleheaders during the summer where kids get in free with a paying adult.

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Stop the "neutral site" chatter now!

Former Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog wants the following:

Herzog suggested that baseball already should have built a grass-field, retractable-roof stadium in a neutral Central time zone city, such as Nashville, Tenn., which could have plenty of land for such a venture.

Herzog would have the whole World Series played at this venue, which ideally would seat 75,000 or 80,000 people, with an off day after Game 4.

“You could call it World Series Week,” he said.

With all the respect due to a man of Herzog’s stature within the game, I can’t stress how much I oppose this idea. I understand how it works for football (one game, early February dates, etc.) but it can’t work for baseball.

It’s not just taking the game from the local fans, it’s the essential stealing of money from the local economies that participate in the game. Remember, it IS about the money, stupid. Why reward a neutral site city, one that doesn’t have its own team and little chance of landing one?… Click here to read the rest