Peavy's choices: Padres or AL

“…talking with other teams“. What’s that mean? It means, to me, that the five teams who Peavy has (supposedly) agreed to waive his NTC in a trade have either backed off entirely or not willing to part with the prospects required to get the deal done. Knowing rumors are merely just that, rumors, here’s what we think we know, not to steal any thunder from Tim at MLBTradeRumors:

: The Braves have the young/cheap talent to deal but apparently have decided against it, so far. Methinks we haven’t heard the last from Atlanta.

General manager Frank Wren insists the Braves won’t trade their most valued prospects, apparently not even to bring Jake Peavy to Atlanta.
Many of the trade speculations that have been written over the past few weeks are inaccurate,” Wren said. “For the most part they are simply an outsider speculating what we might do and not what we would do.”