Because they can!

Friends, I’m once again in the midst of this conundrum: My childhood team has a chance to land the biggest fish (um, mammal) in all the land. Yet, I also know Sabathia would become a mercenary instead of freedom fighter. Am I OK with this? I’d rather have a guy want to come to the team at “fair market value”* rather than a jacked up overbid, just like you would. It’d be more than noble for CC to say “I’ll take less to go to LA (or MLW) and the Union will have to deal with it” but I’m not sure if he will. I know my wife would like to see him go with his heart, not his pocketbook being led by the Union. Is it embarrassing, as a fan, to have your team flaunt their wealth as overtly and conspicuously as they are looking to do? Uhhh yeah.

* I cringed, too, when the Yanks had to overpay to keep Posada and Mo; that was entirely unnecessary.Click here to read the rest

Varitek's a proxy for Jeter

Fact: Jeter’s 10 year, $180 million contract expires after the 2010 season. Next year is 2009, believe it or not. Two years. That’s it. Then what? Anyone can see that he’s no longer a very good defender and some may think I am too kind when I call him “capable” right now. But that’s not going to improve as Jeter enters his late 30’s. Will Jeter move to 1B? What if Teix (or other more adept/powerful player) is entrenched there? Will he slide to 2B? Outfield? Willingly or will it be kicking and screaming?

What if Jeter (and agent Casey Close) pull what Varitek/Boras are trying to do to the Sox: Sell the intangibles and disregard the facts? What if Jeter, at age 37 (during 2011), decides that playing SS is more important than any other factor? How will the Yanks react?

In many ways, he is our Derek Jeter, though the Yankees’ calm-eyed, fist-pumping captain is obviously superior in talent and production.
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