Spare me the salary cap argument

If you take the top 5 teams off the list and use that 6th team as the ceiling, you’d have the Angels at $119m. Take the bottom 5 teams off the list and you’d have the floor at the Royals’ $58m. Said differently, adding and subtracting roughly 1/3 of the average to get your ceiling and floor. Is that a good spread? For illustrative purposes here, let’s assume it is. [In the NFL in 2008, the floor is set at about 85% of the ceiling; much closer than our 50%]

The Marlins are lowest on the list with a payroll of $21 million. If you enforce the ceiling, you must enforce the floor. And if you enforce the floor, you are requiring the Marlins to nearly triple their 2008 payroll. And since we all know how poorly the Marlins draw, I’d guess they’d be forced into some baseball equivalent of Chapter 11 within a year. And what would happen to those big Yanks contracts?… Click here to read the rest