Looking ahead to 2010 free agents-to-be

My comments are in red.

These are players who are eligible for free agency after the 2009 season. The player’s 2010 age is in parentheses and Scott Boras clients are bolded. Current free agents who have not yet signed are not on this list.

First basemen

  • Nick Johnson (31) Would be nice to bring him back but can he stay healthy?
  • Adam LaRoche (30)

Second basemen

  • Brian Roberts (32) Love this guy but if Cano’s still at 2B, where would he play?


  • Bobby Crosby (30) If you like a 0.230 BA and perennially injured SS…
  • Khalil Greene (30)

Third basemen

  • Adrian Beltre (31) Just thinking if we move ARod to 1B and put Beltre at 3B for defense
  • Chone Figgins (32) Lacks the pop of a CI, but would be a great lead-off guy. Can he play SS and bump Jetes to 1B? Will he play CF if Jackson isn’t ready? Does he have a Damon-like arm?

Left fielders

  • Jason Bay (31) Yes, please, if the Sox don’t extend him before he gets to FA.
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Oh please NO! Not the Plaxicator!!!

He can’t play a lick of defense. We already have Damon and Matsui who are liabilities in LF/DH. Nady in right is fine. CF will be an issue. Posada might not be ready to catch 6 games a week but might be OK to hit (in the DH spot). And last I checked, Manny’s a freakin’ head case! He still is a tremendous hitter who would provide some protection and thump behind ARod, but c’mon.

I can’t stress how much I’d hate the Yanks going to an absurd 3 year deal. There is NO COMPETITION for his services for a TWO YEAR deal? Why offer a THREE? Why am I banging the keys while typing, like it’s going to make my point any better? Take this cash and use it as a downpayment on a Teix offer!

If Cashman and Hal truly have the reins/reigns (thank you, KLaw), Manny won’t be a Yankee at all. If they placate Hank, I can see a 1 year deal.
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