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5 thoughts on “Jennings: Far-Reaching Impacts For Pettitte Signing

  1. Just as an aside, Jennings is awesome. On the article, I think Wright certainly goes to the pen, and Jason Johnson is incredibly expendable, so his spot does not bother me. Too much pitching at AAA is a good problem to have.

      • I think Kennedy is a likely candidate- he builds his value back up, maybe pitches well in a spot start, you could get something decent for him.

  2. EJ,
    It’s good to see that you’re blogging again…Pending Pinstripes is not the same without your input. Same goes with Moshe and Bronx Block. This is an exciting new blog that will be added to my favorites…

    • Great to have you aboard. We are pretty excited about the blog, and hopefully lots of people will share that feeling.