Yanks nearing deal with Pettitte

Breaking from KR. Apparently, the deal will be for less than $10 million and could be reached today, however, incentives could push the deal towards the $16 million mark.

UPDATE – Buster Olney is reporting that the deal is for “nearly $6 million, with incentives that could make it worth as much as $12 million.” This would be a big win for the Yankees.

3 thoughts on “Yanks nearing deal with Pettitte

  1. This is the right move. Buster Olney says it is 6M with the chance to reach 12M based upon playing time incentives.

  2. Hey Moshe,

    Got it. Obviously the deal isn’t completed, but this is a nice signing for the team and will provide them with a lot of cushioning in their rotation.

  3. I know its crazy, but I would still pursue Sheets, sort of as our Smoltz/Penny, but that is pretty unlikely now.