Torre responds to controversy

Joe Torre spoke with Jack Curry (NY Times) about the recent controversy regarding he and Tom Verducci’s book, The Yankee Years. In Curry’s interview, Torre manages to tap dance around all of the questions and doesn’t provide much in the form of an apology (I think his comments crossed the line). Instead, in the end he manages to cast himself as a potential victim:

“I’m comfortable with what I contributed to the book,” Torre said, “even though I’m probably going to get more credit or more blame than I deserve, whichever way you want to look at it.”

Don’t worry about the “credit” part, Joe. Now, in terms of “blame,” that’s a different story.

(props to SIH)

4 thoughts on “Torre responds to controversy

  1. Classic. Joe, if your name is on the book, and you share in the profits, the words in the book are yours, that is all there is to it. If the book says A-Rod is a loser, then Joe Torre said A-Rod is a loser. You reap the benefits, you take the associated consequences.

  2. WTF? The book is “By Joe Torre.”

    You’re going to get as much blame/credit as the author of a book would.

    • Exactly. I love this whole idea Verducci was trying to sell about the book being in Torre’s third person or something. It’s not Joe Torre’s Yankee Years, by Tom Verducci. It’s by Joe Torre. Huge difference, and Joe is going to take a big hit over the things he said in the book that betray the confidences of the locker room.

    • And just to add to the ridiculous nature of all this- Torre in 2003 on the book “by” David Wells-
      It has his name on it, and he has to be accountable for it.” Practice what you preach, Joe.