Nightly Notes: Hal, Stadium Stuff

Three quick bits to cap off the night:

1. Hal Steinbrenner spoke on WFAN today and discussed a variety of topics, although he didn’t speak at length about The Yankee Years, Joe Torre’s new book that’s due out next month.

2. Also, the new Yankee Stadium continues to cause controversy. This time, however, it’s about the parks that were supposed to be built around the new Stadium. Essentially, the cost of these parks are rising significantly, which isn’t exactly helping burdened taxpayers.

3. Finally, a few months ago we heard about a concrete-testing company that apparently performed fake tests on concrete and steel at the new YS. Well, Testwell Laboratories (nice name) actually sued NYC in order to overturn a license suspension. Of course, they won and the suspension has been overturned, albeit temporarily.

One thought on “Nightly Notes: Hal, Stadium Stuff

  1. Wow, Hal speaks without creating headlines- what a relief from the Steinbrenner family.