Mark Teixeira To Start Slow?

Every April, the Yankees seem to frustate us. They did themselves a hole, and work for the rest of the season to claw their way back to contention. By July, they have gained momentum, and by September they are competing for first place. The Yankees as a team seem to start the season sluggishly. Mark Teixeira, while an excellent player, has always stuck out in my mind as a slow starter. I was poking around at baseball reference today, and took a lot at his career splits:

  • April: .256/.346/.442
  • May: .288/.376/.507
  • June: .279/.371/.555
  • July: .282/.374/.531
  • August: .314/.398/.584
  • September: .309/.392/.605

Teixeira’s splits are pretty extreme. He’s most likely going to be fairly impotent in April, and then heat up as the season progresses. If the rest of the Yankees start slow, could Teixeira be the target of the boo-birds? He wouldn’t be the first high-priced acquisiton to meet that fate.

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4 thoughts on “Mark Teixeira To Start Slow?

  1. Wow, those splits basically show increasing production from month to month. He carries those September numbers into October and that will go along way to curing the Yankees’ postseason issues.

  2. As a lover of fantasy baseball, Teixeira’s slow starts are something I am particularly familiar with. He says that, because he’s a switch hitter, it takes him longer to find his swing since he basically has two of them (it’s a cool way of thinking about it, actually). I don’t think he’ll hear too many boo, though (for whatever reason).

  3. Hmmm… Cano slow starter, Sabathia slow starter, Teixeira slow starter, Mo usually has a couple blips in April before he settles – could be a slow start for the Yanks.

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