Stark on Torre & A-Rod, Swisher

From Jayson Stark (ESPN):

Hard as Joe Torre tries to spin his thoughts about Alex Rodriguez, we’ve heard from multiple sources that when A-Rod was a free agent last offseason, Torre advised the Dodgers not to touch him.

Well, have fun with… Casey Blake (oh, he’s “gritty”). Too bad Joe didn’t talk them out of signing Andruw Jones, huh?

Also, Stark spoke on Nick Swisher:

After trying to push Xavier Nady as the outfielder they’d most prefer to trade, the Yankees are telling teams they’re softening to the idea of dealing Nick Swisher. The Braves head the list of clubs who prefer Swisher because of his versatility and because he’s three years from free agency, not one.

If the Yankees deal Swisher, it’ll be a dumb move. Keep the guy you can control for the next few years. The Yankees are always big spenders, so maybe a cost-controlled player could help them out next year, you know, when they don’t have any outfielders.

5 thoughts on “Stark on Torre & A-Rod, Swisher

  1. I would perfer that they trade neither. I would play Damon in Center a few times a week and rotate Matsui, Swisher, and Nady through the corner outfield positions and DH. That way everyone (besides for Gardner) gets about 5 games a week and stays fresh throughout the year. Having one of those guys on the bench each game would be huge.

  2. I agree, Moshe. I actually believe that an OF of Damon (LF), Swisher (CF) and Nady (RF) wouldn’t be as bad as people are making it out to be (defensively). If the Yankees trade Swisher, though, I’ll find some reason to blame it on Joe Torre, I promise…

  3. I don’t understand Cashman’s motive. He has never paid attention to the bench. Even with Swish the bech needs help. If he trades one of Swish/Nady and signs Dunn that’s a different story. However I do not think he’ll do that. He loves leaving the bench exposed every spring.

  4. Hey guys, love the blog.

    Check out this pretty funny video of ESPN the Magazine’s Rick Reilly comparing the Yanks N’ Cowboys in terms of their underachievement…
    I love how he tries to compare the signings of CC, AJ, and Tex to the likes of Kevin Brown etc., who was past his prime… What? Forget the fact that CC is 27-28 and Tex is 27-28, and AJ is 31-32, but i’m sure had the Brewers retained CC and the Red Sox signed Tex, he wouldn’t B whining about their age!
    Oh, and then he says, “the best teams are the ones that are built from within.” Huh? First of all, the signings of CC, AJ, & Tex R a direct result of the Yanks’ new-found emphasis on player developememt! They didn’t trade Hughes, Kennedy etc. for Santana because they wanna “build from within” and they waited for a situation where they would only have to pay money and not give up prospects. Heck, they even missed the playoffs as a direct result of going with the kids, a typical “re-building” situation…
    But no, if they don’t trade kids for Santana, they’re crazy. If they don’t sign CC, they’re stingy. And if they do sign CC, they’re – WAAAAAAAAHHH – outspending everybody else and its seen as “abandoning thier player developement.” How is combining established top-of-the-line veterans with great young talent considered “not building from within?” It’s the best proven strategy for winning. The Red Sox top 4 players are not homegrown. Beckett, Papi, Manny, and Dice-K were all signings or trades. But when the Yankees lose, it’s because “they don’t build from within.”
    Even the Yanks dynasty had top players like Wetteland, Cone, Wells, Clemens, O’Neil, etc. who weren’t homegrown. Why? Because they were COMBINED with players like Bernie, Mo, Derek, Posada etc. That’s the best strategy. Just like the Sox combine those guys with Pimplebutt, Lester, etc. And that’s exactly what the Yanks are trying to do, to combine these free agents with Joba, Hughes, A-Jax and Malancon.
    But of course, whatever the Yankees do, the hatin’ media will point out the bad things. Whatever the Yanks do is wrong. But U don’t hear them do all the whining when the Sox do it. Why? because it worked for the Sox. So just because it hasn’t worked for the Yanks, it’s “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH – oustspending, bad for the game, abandoning player developement, etc.”