7 thoughts on “Swing-Happy

  1. Argggh, everyone keeps stealing peices of the Cano article I am working on!!!! Seriously, though, Cano’s O Swing was at his career average last season- he has no discipline, but he never had discipline.

    • It’s cool- write whatever you want. It was just funny, Pete Abe posted an article from 310 to Joba yesterday that had a lot of my points. That was a shock.

  2. The AL MVP is also on that list along with some other productive hitters, so, while useful, I’m not sure how predictive a statistic this is.

    • It is a list of all qualifying AL second baseman, and Cano comes in last. It is not that predictive, but it is indicative of past performance. It shows that he reaches for bad balls.

      • Well I guess you’re right. It definitely confirms what we all believed watching his at-bats last season.

        • Also, interestingly, Pedroia is the best 2B in the game when it comes to making contact on pitches outside of the zone (he does it 83.4% of the time). Cano is up there with him, too, as he makes contact on pitches out of the zone 75.3% of the time.