KR: Matsui for Washburn, Juan Cruz

From Ken Rosenthal (FOX Sports):

The M’s and Yankees briefly explored a Washburn-for-Hideki Matsui exchange earlier in the offseason, but the discussions never progressed because Matsui at $13 million is even more expensive than Washburn at $10.35 million this season.

Glad that never came to be, as it would have been a financial bust in this market and Matsui, while more expensive than Washburn, is definitely worth it in comparison (if healthy). I’ll gladly take Andy Pettitte and his $5.5 million base salary to fill out the rotation (and Hideki Matsui, too).

KR also had some other interesting bits:

1. Regarding Juan Cruz, Rosenthal states that the Yankees aren’t interested in him, at least not right now. They feel comfortable with Bruney and Marte in the 8th inning, he claims. While some think Marte should be a situational lefty and nothing more, I think his stuff and experience would work well in bridging the gap to Mo.

2. Although Matsui probably isn’t headed to Seattle anytime soon, Bobby Abreu could be instead (the interest is there). The Mariners are still trying to free up payroll in order to sign a bat, though.

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