Does Andy Make Your Top 5?

When I go out on the street in my fake mustache (Bobby V. style, so I blend into the native populace) and ask the generic, run-of-the-mill Yankee fan who the greatest Yankee starting pitcher ever is, you know what everyone says? “Whitey Ford,” of course. When I ask who’s #2, however, what’s the...

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Jorge Posada: Hall of Famer?

Over the last twelve seasons, many future Hall of Famers or borderline type players have passed through the Yankee organization. If you asked a casual Yankee fan to a compile a list, names like Jeter, Johnson, Rivera, Clemens, Sheffield, Williams, Mussina, and Pettitte would undoubtedly come up. One name that would probably get less play...

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The Mike Ashmore Challenge

Mike Ashmore challenged fans to create a team of all Yankee prospects. What if something horrible happened to the team? I’m not the first blogger to try this, but I think that I can offer a unique take on it.

The Rules: Rookie-eligible players only. I think that this would be much more interesting...

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