Time Captain Earned His ‘C’ Again

In the wake of Joe Torre’s penetrating, venomous pinstriped memoir The Yankee Years, another four-ring wearing dynasty staple must step up to the plate. Torre and Tom Verducci’s inside look at the Yankees included rips at several ex-Yankees. For example, the nearly 500 page sure-to-be bestseller completely deconstructs Carl Pavano, and rightfully so. One particular excerpt describes a locker room scene highlighted by the antics of visitors Billy Crystal and Robin Williams. The comedic tandem capped off a film short and a stand-up routine by urging the Yankees players present to remember to get down on one knee and pray Continue reading Time Captain Earned His ‘C’ Again

Swisher and Nady still on Atlanta’s radar

Here’s David O’Brien (Atlanta-Journal Constitution) on how the Braves see Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady: Nick Swisher — Pros: He’s only 28, and the switch-hitter is under a reasonable contract for three more years ($5.3 million this season, $6.75 million in 2010, $9 million in 2011, and $10.25 million club option for 2012 with a $1 mill buyout). Before his career-worst season for the White Sox in 2008, he had a .361 career OBP and 80 homers in 1,617 at-bats in parts of four seasons with Oakland, and he’d totaled 60 doubles, 57 homers and 173 RBI during the 2006-07 Continue reading Swisher and Nady still on Atlanta’s radar

Larry Lucchino and The Little Team That Could

Once upon a time, there was a scrappy baseball team from a little, hardworking town called Boston. They did their best to scrape by, piecing together a team with a payroll of under 150 million dollars. Although they desperately needed a new first baseman to replace the All-Star they had at the position for the previous season, they could only offer a meager 170M, no match for the evil corporation who came in and snatched the player from their grasp. The team president, little Larry Lucchino, was disappointed, but realized that he still had to push his little gutty team Continue reading Larry Lucchino and The Little Team That Could

Clemens, liniment, where?

Yet more from the Dead Torre Scrolls:

The story comes courtesy of Yankee trainer Steve Donahue who told Verducci about what Roger Clemens did as part of his usual routine to get ready for facing the Mets in Game 2 of the 2000 World Series. Donahue said Clemens’ usual pregame preparation included taking a whirlpool bath at the hottest temperature possible.
he’d come out looking like a lobster,” Donahue said.

But here’s the money quote:

Then Donahue would rub the hottest possible liniment on his testicles.

he’d start snorting like a bull,” the trainer said. “That’s when he was ready to pitch.

And just when I thought I’ve heard it all…now I wish I had.

For a laugh, the old Revenge of the Nerds “Liquid Hot” scene Continue reading Clemens, liniment, where?

Stark on Torre & A-Rod, Swisher

From Jayson Stark (ESPN): Hard as Joe Torre tries to spin his thoughts about Alex Rodriguez, we’ve heard from multiple sources that when A-Rod was a free agent last offseason, Torre advised the Dodgers not to touch him. Well, have fun with… Casey Blake (oh, he’s “gritty”). Too bad Joe didn’t talk them out of signing Andruw Jones, huh? Also, Stark spoke on Nick Swisher: After trying to push Xavier Nady as the outfielder they’d most prefer to trade, the Yankees are telling teams they’re softening to the idea of dealing Nick Swisher. The Braves head the list of clubs Continue reading Stark on Torre & A-Rod, Swisher