Yankees Reach Free Agent Limit?

MLBTR doesn’t think so, but there seems to be some healthy debate over the issue. It doesn’t really have an impact on these Yankees, but theoretically could in the future.

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Time Captain Earned His ‘C’ Again



In the wake of Joe Torre’s penetrating, venomous pinstriped memoir The Yankee Years, another four-ring wearing dynasty staple must step up to the plate.

Torre and Tom Verducci’s inside look at the Yankees included rips at several ex-Yankees.


From FanGraphs:

O-Swing% (outside swing percentage): The percentage of pitches a batter swings at outside the strike zone.

Obviously, a lower O-Swing% is optimal for batters. Now, I wonder


As Arnold would say, “Robinson Cano, you lack discipline…”

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Stark on Torre & A-Rod, Swisher

From Jayson Stark (ESPN):

Hard as Joe Torre tries to spin his thoughts about Alex Rodriguez, we’ve heard from multiple sources that when A-Rod was a free agent last offseason, Torre advised the Dodgers not to touch him.

Well, have fun with… Casey Blake (oh, he’s “gritty”). Too bad Joe didn’t talk them out of signing...

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