Mark Teixeira To Start Slow?

Every April, the Yankees seem to frustate us. They did themselves a hole, and work for the rest of the season to claw their way back to contention. By July, they have gained momentum, and by September they are competing for first place. The Yankees as a team seem to start the season sluggishly. Mark Teixeira, while an excellent player, has always stuck out in my mind as a slow starter. I was poking around at baseball reference today, and took a lot at his career splits:

  • April: .256/.346/.442
  • May: .288/.376/.507
  • June: .279/.371/.555
  • July: .282/.374/.531
  • August: .314/.398/.584
  • September: .309/.392/.605

Teixeira’s splits are pretty extreme. He’s most likely going to be fairly impotent in April, and then heat up as the season progresses. If the rest of the Yankees start slow, could Teixeira be the target of the boo-birds? He wouldn’t be the first high-priced acquisiton to meet that fate.… Click here to read the rest

A Thought About Statistics

The last few years have seen an explosion in the use of advanced and sabermetric statistics to analyze the national pastime. This has lead to  a great divide among commentators and fans as to the value of statistics in judging players, teams, and performances. It seems that this issue has lead to the forming of two separate schools of thought, with no middle ground. There are those who see statistics as being the final arbiter of any dispute about the relative value of a player and team, noting that our eyes and hearts form subjective judgments and therefore often lie. On the other side, there are those who disdain any stat that they did not grow up with, stating that sabermetricians must leave their mother’s basements, put aside the box score, and watch some games. The lack of a middle ground of understanding has lead to this feeling among more casual fans that those who use statistics are spreadsheet obsessed nerds, and those who ignore the numbers are crusty old curmudgeons who refuse to accept the wave of the future. … Click here to read the rest

Torre Persona Non Grata In Bronx

You knew that there would be some major fallout from the multitude of revelations in Joe Torre’s new tell-all tome, and it seems that it will be severe. According to Wally Matthews, the Yankee organization is quietly fuming, and Joe will join the likes of Jim Bouton and be banned from Yankee functions.

That means all those little perks that go with being a Legendary Former Yankee have probably gone up in smoke, like all those burning bridges along the Harlem River. The plaque in Monument Park? Back in the box. The retired number? Cross it out. The chance to march out and flash the Papal Wave at Old-Timer’s Day? Wave bye-bye to that idea……..Although none of the principals have commented publicly, I have it on impeccable authority that general manager Brian Cashman is “devastated,” team president Randy Levine angry enough to be considering having future managers sign some sort of confidentiality agreement, and various players so disgusted with their former manager that they’ll even embrace Alex Rodriguez…….

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