It keeps pulling me back in

Just grabbing a great quote from former Yanks (and Rangers, D’Backs) manager Buck Showalter, regarding Torre’s book (emphasis mine):

“I’d have to make up my mind that for sure I wasn’t going back on the field before I ever wrote one,” Showalter said. “I have feelings about it. Obviously I haven’t done it. There’s a certain privilege to having those jobs that you have to live up to.”

Well said. That role is a privilege, an honor. What Torre did is a dishonor to his trusted role and responsibilities.

In case I need to say it again for clarity: I don’t care as much about WHAT he said. It could all be true. What bothers me is that he did this as an active manager. And that he did it TO the team that put 4 World Series rings on his hand, turning him from “Clueless Joe” into “Saint Torre”.

UPDATE (1/30/09, 11am): In Buster’s latest today, he has some good quotes from current front office staff about the Dead Torre Scrolls.

The big question I’d have for him is: Why?” said a National League general manager. “Why would he put his name to something like that? If [Tom] Verducci writes it in his own book, that’s something different. But you have all these people getting [slammed] – and why? For money? Is it to prove a point? Does he have an axe to grind? It doesn’t make sense. I’m interested to see what he says.”

Said another GM: “We all have stories like that, about different guys. But why would he want that stuff out there, with his name attached to it? I know this: If I were playing with the Dodgers, I’d be running in the other direction, because you don’t know what he’s going to write when he puts out, The Dodgers Years.”

Whether it was his intention or not, Torre has hurt a lot of former colleagues, some of whom feel he has either been inaccurate or ungracious in his portrayals, depending on the anecdote.

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Mark Teixeira To Start Slow?

Every April, the Yankees seem to frustate us. They did themselves a hole, and work for the rest of the season to claw their way back to contention. By July, they have gained momentum, and by September they are competing for first place. The Yankees as a team seem to start the season sluggishly. Mark Teixeira, while an excellent player, has always stuck out in my mind as a slow starter. I was poking around at baseball reference today, and took a lot at his career splits: April: .256/.346/.442 May: .288/.376/.507 June: .279/.371/.555 July: .282/.374/.531 August: .314/.398/.584 September: .309/.392/.605 Teixeira’s Continue reading Mark Teixeira To Start Slow?

Selling a stake in the Sox

The RedSox’ second largest ownership slice is selling. Get your bids ready, fellas.

The New York Times Co said on Wednesday it hired banking firm Goldman Sachs to help it sell its stake in the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

The 17.75 percent stake is in New England Sports Ventures (NESV), which owns the Red Sox, their home field of Fenway park and adjacent real estate.

It also owns half of the Roush Fenway Racing NASCAR team and an 80 percent stake in the NESN regional sports cable TV network.

The Times acquired its stake in NESV in February 2002. Sports bankers previously said the company could raise as much as $200 million from a sale of its stake.

It always struck me as odd that the NY Times was a part owner of the RedSox, but that’s the way conglomerates go. There are some strange bedpartners out there.

The 17.75% stake (if sold for $200m) would effectively value the NESV at $1.127 billion. That’s not the value of the RedSox, but its holding company. I have no idea how the Roush team is valued. When the Yanks were valued at $1.3 billion, I do not think that includes their ownership stake in the YES Network. Network valuations tend to trade at higher multiples. Back in April 2008, when the last Forbes team valuation rankings were published, the Sox were third (behind the Mets and Yanks) at $816m.

Maury at The Biz of Baseball has a bit on this, too. A site worth bookmarking if you’re into the business side of all things baseball.

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You will say nothing

Looks like the Yanks are finally fed up with the tell-all books. I guess after “Ball Four”, “The Bronx Zoo”, David Wells’ book, the Dead Torre Scrolls was the last straw.

The Yankees are considering including a “non-disparagement clause” in future player and managerial contracts in order to prevent any more tell-all books such as “The Yankee Years,” co-written by Joe Torre and Tom Verducci.

Up to now, we have always operated our employer-employee relationships on a basis of trust,” the official said. “But we never expected what we got from Joe. We may have to get a little tougher on this issue.”

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Days until P&C report: 15

Because I am a Munson fan, I’m happy to send you over to FackYouk to check out a nice collection of thoughts, facts and moments about Thurman Munson. Reading this still gives me the chills:

On the approach to the runway, Munson dropped the flaps, but waited too long before giving the plane more power, which resulted in the Cessna Citation I/SP coming up well short of the intended target. Munson had failed to fasten his shoulder strap, was paralyzed during the initial impact and trapped inside the cockpit when the plane finally came to a rest after rolling and sliding for over 500 feet. His flight instructor, David Hall and his friend Kenny Anderson attempted to free Munson, but the plane caught on fire and they were forced to retreat. His last
words were
Get me out of here! Please get me out!” A sad and powerless cry for help, that in no way reflected the way he lived. He was 32 years old.

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A Thought About Statistics

The last few years have seen an explosion in the use of advanced and sabermetric statistics to analyze the national pastime. This has lead to  a great divide among commentators and fans as to the value of statistics in judging players, teams, and performances. It seems that this issue has lead to the forming of two separate schools of thought, with no middle ground. There are those who see statistics as being the final arbiter of any dispute about the relative value of a player and team, noting that our eyes and hearts form subjective judgments and therefore often lie. Continue reading A Thought About Statistics

More from from the Torre Scrolls

Some new stuff from Tyler Kepner. Seems that Pavano was the joke IN the lockerroom as we have made of him from afar.

The Yankees should have talked to Tim Raines before signing Carl Pavano. Raines, the former Yankee who was coaching with the White Sox when Pavano signed, had played with Pavano in Montreal. During Pavano’s first Yankees season, Raines told Borzello: “He didn’t want to pitch except for the one year he was pitching for a contract. I’m telling you, he’s not going to pitch for you.”
[Comedians Billy] Crystal and Robin Williams then went into a 12-minute comedy bit, poking fun at various players before turning serious. They told the players to be grateful for the opportunity and for their health. “
And there is somebody we should all pray for, because he has not been blessed with the same great health. So before you go out there, when you hit your knees, say a prayer for Carl Pavano!

The room, the authors write, erupted in laughter.

I’ll read the book and probably love it, but the fact remains that should have been shelved until Torre was done. Continue reading More from from the Torre Scrolls

Torre Persona Non Grata In Bronx

You knew that there would be some major fallout from the multitude of revelations in Joe Torre’s new tell-all tome, and it seems that it will be severe. According to Wally Matthews, the Yankee organization is quietly fuming, and Joe will join the likes of Jim Bouton and be banned from Yankee functions. That means all those little perks that go with being a Legendary Former Yankee have probably gone up in smoke, like all those burning bridges along the Harlem River. The plaque in Monument Park? Back in the box. The retired number? Cross it out. The chance to Continue reading Torre Persona Non Grata In Bronx