Will There Actually Be a Spring Training Battle For The Bullpen?

The Yankees have a lot of good young relief pitchers. They also have a strong core of experienced major league relief pitchers. At the end of last season, it seemed like we were headed toward a spring training battle royale   to figure out who the Yankees would carry in the bullpen. As a minor...

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Olney: Bobby must swallow pride, Dunn “perfectly suited” for Yanks

In Buster Olney’s latest (ESPN), Olney notes that Bobby Abreu will likely have to reduce his demands if he actually wants to play this season. Our buddy Bobby was looking for $16 million per year, a price that the Yanks simply weren’t interested in paying. Now, in this market, he’ll be lucky to get...

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Gutless Joe?

Joe Torre must be respected as one of the greatest managers in franchise history, but there is a very disturbing pattern emerging from reports of his tell-all tome. We can’t condemn a man for a few isolated statements, especially when his body of work is otherwise overwhelmingly positive, but it’s very interesting to note...

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Torre: Post-2001 Teams Not Tough Enough

From Neil Best:

That the Yankees of the former manager’s final six seasons were a self-absorbed, overpaid imitation of the famously gritty bunch that brought him four rings in his first six years.

“It was just not an unselfish team,” Torre says of the revelation that hit him in 2002.

“The team wasn’t tough enough . ...

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